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Monday, September 21, 2009

Grass In The Country and Poor Mans Cake

I have cut my own grass for years. Loved using a riding mower. Once a month I would have someone come in and groom a little more professionally.

The young man who has helped me for years just called and has to have surgery.

So.....what does One Woman do? Did not want to invest in a mower and weedeater at this time with another home for sale. May have to or hopefully I can find a retired person or school boy to cut my 18 inch high grass. A small front yard and the rest of grass is cut with a tractor about 3 times a year.

Will the rain ever stop. It has rained almost daily for months. I am beginning to feel as though I live in a swamp!!!!

Checking my emails and this is something my daughter sent to me.

Cake looks tasty and thought I would share.

Entry on another rainy day from One Woman


Amy said...

Thanks for the link to my great-aunt's cake! You must tell me if you try the recipe - I could eat my weight in that cake.

Balisha said...

That cake sounds marvelous.It's so easy to make.

One Woman's Journey said...

Amy - you are welcome - I plan on halfing the recipe for One Woman and will let you know how it comes out - May add a handful of walnuts.
Balish - So good to hear from you.
Continued healing wishs sent your way.

Liza's Eyeview said...

Has the rain stopped yet? I have not visited blog for a while, but tonight I got the chance and went right here :) I love your new header photo - did you take that shot on your new country home?

Maybe someday I'd be able to taste that cake you bake :)

One Woman's Journey said...

Liza- so good to hear from you.
I have been concerned over you and have missed you. IT RAINED ALL NIGHT AND IS RAINING AT THE MOMENT.
My header is taken from my front porch.
Please - dear girl - stay in touch.
You are one of the main reasons this One Woman is typing away. Love You

Tabor said...

Catching up on your blog and loving the wildlife. Sorry about the lawn care issue. Living in the country does require labor. Maybe the local Scout troop would have someone who would like to make money? Hope you house sells soon!!

One Woman's Journey said...

Tabor, I know you are happy to be "home". I found someone to cut my grass. It is lush and green. So good to hear from you.