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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Lunch In The Park

She looked at the clock and thought it said 5:00 AM and started her day. After being up a few moments she realized it was 4:00 AM. She decided to just stay up since she had a 7:30 appointment to go to the shop for work on her car. An engine light had been flashing for several weeks and it really unnerved her.

So she is up and within 30 minutes the current goes off. She looks out her windows and goes out on the porch and there is nothing but "blackness". She has been made aware that she needs to have plenty of new batteries and candles in case this happens again. The current stayed off for 2 hours. Quick breakfast, green tea and off to the shop.

After her car was finished - since she was in the city - she did some grocery shopping. More pads were purchased to put under furniture so her new floors will not be harmed.

Time for an early lunch and she does not want to drive home and does not feel like making a sandwich.

So a small vegetarian pizza sounds good and one is ordered and as she waits she has thoughts to go to the local small park.

She smiles at what she views - a young man with 5 children. One pulling a contraption with her bike that holds 2 little ones. One riding a bike that does not look over 7 years old and the father takes off on a scooter you push with your foot with a little one in tow.

I wanted to say "you sure have your hands full". Helmets on their heads and off they went down a trail.

So, she sits at a picnic table eating her lunch. Thoughts arise that her country property is prettier and has no flies. But for some reason it was relaxing. Just think she would have missed this family on their trail ride.

Also would have missed driving past a 800 sf frame home on a beautiful lot that was over looking the park - priced at $59,000.

No - no - no - One Woman - forget your creative thoughts.

A morning in the life of One Woman


Beverly said...

you are a trip....all you need is 3 houses....has the city house sold? I so enjoy your posts...

One Woman's Journey said...

Beverly - my city home has not sold. But I know the buyer is on the way. I am no way in a position for another home. But when I see something that I can create....I do it in my mind.
Thank you for checking in. Guess anyone that reads my ramblings knows a little about me!!

Judy said...

Your Labor Day photo is great. Sounds like a good day for all. I put stuff outside to dry on a rack sometimes. It always smells so good when it dries outside. I love the deer photo, too, and your house is just lovely.
It is at least a 3 hour drive for me to Franklin from here. I looked it up on mapquest but if I am ever headed down that way, I will let you know ahead of time. I hope your city house sells soon. I think real estate is picking up.

One Woman's Journey said...

Judy, for some reason I keep thinking you are closer to me then you really are.
That is too far for you too drive.
Take care and thank you for responding.