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Monday, May 6, 2019


Waiting for you to bloom


lil red hen said...

This is a beautiful color! Just as my irises were beginning to bloom, we had a lot of rain and wind. The heavy blooms bend and break when rain weighs them down, so I haven't been able to enjoy them much. Also, a big tree uprooted in a wind storm and fell onto my row of day lilies and Asiatic lilies. Boo-hoo!!

Tabor said...

My purple iris are falling over with our pelting rain. Hubby went out and cut a bunch so that we could enjoy them indoors before the storm. I do like the color of your Iris. I need more warm colors.

Judy said...

Mine haven't bloomed as yet, so no catastrophe of them breaking.
I have a Peach Iris with a large bloom that my Mother planted in 1968. Every time I moved, I took a piece of it with it's here in this garden.

Joared said...

This is a lovely shade — have never seen an iris this color.

Rebecca said...

Still tulip time up here.🌷