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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Moving Forward

St Francis now sits in my window and a glimpse of my country bird feeder hangs in the tree outside
my window

created a small area to slice somethng or put in small microwave
very small microwave, fridge and storage, wish were a bit bigger
but for tea, something small to warm up it is fine

So the one who has created many homes, decorated them is pleased she took a good size
room, filled it with her favorite pieces and has made it seem like home.

Here or the country home
I am ready for whatever life has in store for me
just cannot fall.....


Rebecca said...

Thanks for letting us peek over your shoulder!
I love how the "little touches" make a room a home.
I have several friends recently moved to retirement homes. I observe the quicker one makes their "spot" personal, the more the process smooths....
I'd love to go in and photograph the rooms up and down the hall! Share ideas for arranging, decorating, etc. (We used to do this in college dorm back in the day...)
This would be a great blog theme, in my opinion.

I like your St. Francis placement, by the way!

Wisewebwoman said...

So glad for the update. And happy you have arranged everything to your satisfaction. It looks quite lovely. Ah, adaptation. Acceptance of the new takes time, I know


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Thanks for the update dear Ernestine. Love the little personal, homey touches you have added to your new living space.

Love, hugs & prayers ~ FlowerLady

Carolyn Marie said...

I am heartened each time I find a new post from you. Your room looks comfy and cozy. i think that you are the sort of person who can make a home where ever she is. Have a good and peaceful day!

Tabor said...

Walk like a penguin. Waddle a little and keep your body straight. It must be difficult to always have to concentrate on that when you would rather be looking around or at people. You do seem to be settling in very well, and that make me happy.

Pienosole said...

Love what you've done to your space and love your attitude! Thank you for the inspiration!

Marcia Morse said...

You've created a lovely and comfortable looking space for yourself....Blooming in place!

Have the birds arrived at your feeder yet? I'd love to know what kinds show up.

Peace to you always....

Bluebird49 said...

Have you had snow, as we did closer to the coast? And it got below zero in VA! I am so glad you are comfortable at your homey place. Just be careful....I've fallen several times in the past 2 years and fractured my tailbone twice. I always use my cane now

kerrdelune said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kerrdelune said...

What a beautiful sanctuary you have created for yourself, my friend, what a wonderful comforting place to be. It warms my heart to see it, and may you bloom in your abode like one of your fabulous orchids.

kerrdelune said...

Sorry, deleted my first comment in error - fingers are not working this morning.

Judy said...

You're doing wonderfully. Isn't it reassuring to know someone is near during the night?

My Journey To Mindfulness said...

thank you
to everyone
for your uplifting words..

Nan said...

So relieved you are safe. And you've made a lovely home.