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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Problem Solved

Yes computer problem solved late yesterday
so pleased.
I am trying to use other ways to go on line, but so accustomed to AOL it is now difficult for me to change
Use Google some and on this site cannot pull up my favorites list of most I use.

Let me know what some of you use ?

It causes such stress when I cannot use computer in my normal way and have thoughts
at this age should I just stop but I cannot since this is a big part of my life.

Connection with children, grandchildren as most live far away, information I am constantly
researching, buy much from Amazon and on and on.  I still enjoy writing but now at this
age and health issues have started it is a challenge for me to know what to share
and not to share as do not want to be boring.   But now have the thought if no one reads
I just plain love to write as it is a habit....

So computer, reading and camera are so important to me.  In the past gardening would be on
this list and now I direct a young man.   Yesterday he was here for 3 hours pulling weeds,
moving plants and so pleased having him but so sad that he is now doing what I did for 60 years.

Jimmy leaves at noon, daughter Laurie and husband here a while this afternoon and then
Callie and this one.  Many coming and going down the gravel road and happy for this,
sad my son is leaving but so happy that he has a life he loves.

Have never been around anyone so patient with me, helpful with out me asking, taking me
to grocery, doctors, out to eat, suggestions on so much I do and much reorganized and taken to Good Will.
As a mother I am very proud of him and I have learned much from him over these last weeks. He is disciplined in his yoga and walking practice twice a day
and in his teaching of Yoga and helping others with health issues.

He leaves me with the thought
of striving to be more like him..

I can say no more

and from a mother's heart
safe travel wishes go forth for him.


Tabor said...

Save travels to your son. Glad the technology worked. I used to use the browser Mozilla. Now I use Google chrome. Their are many others. Be patient with yourself. Create the new bookmarks a few at a time under the browser your select and by week's end you will be familiar with your new browser. It is hard to break old habits, but you can do it!!

Rebecca said...

I generally use Mozilla Firefox. Once in awhile, Google bullies its way in w/o me knowing it. I'm just glad you're up and running!

Like you, the computer is quite important to me.

Your son sounds like a wise and patient man. I'm glad he's been able to observe and offer some suggestions to make your life easier. I know you will be lonely in the hours/days after he's gone. I'll hold you in my thoughts and prayers.

You're wise yourself and will develop a routine and create challenges necessary to live in contentment and peace. I KNOW you can and will!

Candace said...

Safe travel to your son. What a blessing he is to you and how wonderful that he has been so helpful in so many facets of your now life.
Write, write all that you feel, now is not the time to narrow your writing but to expand while keeping to your own comfort zone, of course. Those that read here will not be bored.
I am so pleased that you have had such a nurturing few weeks with all those dear to you.

lil red hen said...

I';; be thinking of you, Ernestine, for I know you will be lonesome for a time now. I think it's wonderful you've found someone to tidy up your flowers and woods. HUGS !!!!

Kay said...

I know just how you feel about your son. I feel the same way about my own.

I used Mozilla Firefox also but then it started to give me some trouble which I did fix, but now leaning to Chromium.

Wisewebwoman said...

I'm on Google. Seems to do the job and it's always around. I've had issues with my domain and feel the frustration you're experiencing. Age does weird things to my brain. Frustration lurks very close. Will write about it.

Ah your wonderful boy you will miss. His daily practices makes him so understanding.


My Journey To Mindfulness said...

WWW, Tabor, Kay, Rebecca, Candace, Lilredhen

thanks to each of you for your words.
you will never know how much you help me
and put a smile on my face....
Google is fine - just 8 years of information on AOL.

Pienosole said...

Thinking of you this morning and sending wishes for a peaceful, joyful day in spite of your feelings of sadness.

My Journey To Mindfulness said...

Pienosole, thank you.
My son arrived safely across the ocean.
Daughter left last night
and now back to a normal routine
after I rest.
You are special and we have never met...

nancy at good food matters said...

HI Ernestine, I use Mozilla Firefox. You have a lovely community of readers, but even if you didn't, don't stop writing. Hugs, Nancy