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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Computer Problems

Placed several calls for help
and it has not arrived,

Lost my list of favorites and cannot lob in AOL the way I am accustomed too :(

Jimmy cannot help either.

An old memory image

My children, young grandchildren that are now grown, their dad holding 3 young ones.
All of this before two youngest.

A beautiful sunny day but rain returning tomorrow for a number of days

So just checking in....   Seems I can write on Blogger :)


Nan said...

I hope you can solve the problem. Maybe get something different from AOL?? I didn't even know it was still going.

Judy said...

You may have to take her to the hospital.
I didn't know AOL was still functioning!

Wisewebwoman said...

Hope you get it sorted. You had 6 whole weeks with your son! How wonderful. I'm glad you can log.


Marcia Morse said...

I know there has been all sorts of switching around accounts lately with AOL. Other people have had issues, too. Hope it is fixed for you soon. So hard to keep up with all the changes.
I have loved reading about your son's visit. Seems like you all shared some memorable and very helpful times!!

Sunshine and answers to you this day,

Tabor said...

So sorry to read this and I hope someone is able to help soon. Computer probems are the worst and tend to make us feel so isolated and helpless!