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Thursday, September 1, 2016


Early morning
I open all the doors
 the scent coming from the tobacco barns is in the air,
reminds me of Fall and surprisingly cooler weather due tomorrow
that is wonderful.

I have the blessing of some new help
he helped my special friend with husband who was in bed for years.
This one now deceased and this help has free time.
Wonderful for me at this time, he is available and needed.
Ever hopeful that what I am experiencing is not lasting
and when test results are available in many days will know more.

A lot accomplished in few hours, copper pans shined and sparkling, has been several years.
Why is it that shiny copper bottom pans, cleaned ironed skillets and a large copper bowl
I whipped egg whites in over the years
makes me smile....1/2 of refrigerator cleaned and old chop block sanded, cleaned and mineral oil spread on it, a new screen installed that was damaged- I continue to have a good feeling as I watch this being done.  Always the busy one and had thoughts that if I ever had help, someone would think
I was lazy,  What a stupid thought....
So much neglected for over a year is gradually being taken care of, never thought I would need
an assistant in this cottage :)   Also have not been able to focus on how to use the 10's unit
ordered from Amazon and he showed me as he has one.   Met his wife yesterday, she is head
pharmacist at CVS in nearby town.   Encouraged me to take my Celebrex which I had stopped
and replaced with 8 hour Tylenol.   Tonight  restarting Celebrex..

A friend from 45 years ago
when I lived another lifestyle
contacted me.   What a wonderful conversation
shared so much about me she remembered and I really had forgotten the elegant lifestyle.
She will never know how her words and prayer
helped me.   A reminder that many that know or have known me read my online diary and this
one is not aware of this.
Have never posted an image of my home in another world
but will soon as I need to find in a file.    Life at that time was not me and so happy that for
40 years and now in this cottage by the woods the real me is living.

"you can't depend on your eyes
when your imagination
is out of focus"                       Mark Twain


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

So glad you have such wonderful help. What a blessing for you!

Have a lovely day dear Ernestine ~ FlowerLady

Pienosole said...

Smiling as I read this post. :-) September is such a beautiful month with the transition in seasons, the cooler mornings, birds migrating...

Judy said...

Personally, I have always thought of you as an elegant lady and I think no matter where you live, you will continue to be elegant.
Yes--those passed years were different. I was so involved in so many social things and school committees for my children. Now, I rarely leave my home and am more content than ever. Friends wonder why I don't join the Senior Citizens Club or engage myself in more social activities. I just find that some of those groups are so fake and gossipy and a lot of very well dressed and wealthy widows--I couldn't and don't want to compete. I am most comfortable in my blue jeans and pull over shirts. :-)

Sallysmom said...

You sound upbeat in this post. So glad for you that you have help.

susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

Your blog header photo is beautiful! Good that you found someone to help. We are just starting to get tiny, tiny hints of Fall around here.

Tabor said...

We are blessed to live so long that we are many different people and many different lifestyles. I sometimes wonder how I would remember so much more if Blogger had been around in my 20's.

joared said...

Glad you have such help. Accepting help can sometimes be difficult to do. Learning how can be challenging. Wishing you sell in the days ahead.

Wisewebwoman said...

Oh my dear one. How terribly you suffered with the extraction. So grateful it is behind you. And on to your long awaited help. Every challenge and fright karmicly balanced with live and assistance.

Wisewebwoman said...

Oh my dear one. How terribly you suffered with the extraction. So grateful it is behind you. And on to your long awaited help. Every challenge and fright karmicly balanced with live and assistance.

Pienosole said...

I love your new header photo! I've been looking for monarchs (well, not that hard actually), but have yet to see any. They're an early autumn treat. Sending you hugs. :-)

Rebecca said...

Your absence the past few days has me wondering....and thinking about you.
Your assistant sounds like a wonderful person! I wouldn't release him if I were you :)