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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Light Showers and Sharing

Light showers, needed and so nice for two days

Picture of Callie on header with new red color and her name ordered from L.L.Bean, her old collar so so shabby looking.

Abundance plant in full bloom and may bring a bouquet inside

,Fall plants appreciated and soon
the purple Aster will bloom, this plant I have had for years, shared with me by a friend probably
20 years ago and a section moved with me through many moves over the years.

Two articles in N.Y. Times made me smile, a young man living for $400 a month in N.Y.
crawl space.  Does not seem to bother him, does wish a way to cook,even though hardly there and a good sleeping option and rent so high in N.Y.   Also I smile reading about the 93 year old woman sharing about those before her,  who still
works daily cleaning office buildings and I wonder if I am lazy needing some help at this time.
Maybe soon will not except for cutting grass,,,,,

A few hours ago the thought what am I going to eat with nothing prepared ?
Remembered wonderful spare ribs being cooked on the grill at the market several weeks ago
and I bought extra to freeze for a day like this.  So baked beans and a medley of squash, carrots
and broccoli made a goo late meal.    Callie loved the leftover ribs.

Looking forward to next weekend when Laurie, oldest daughter  and grandchildren in town for holiday at their
other Nashville, they will visit me and then Laurie will be with me through
Thursday.   Several places I would like to visit and she will take me and also want her to
meet Arthur the therapist and go with me for an appointment I have at that time.

After her visit with me
a wonderful trip to Spain planned for
this couple.

This week an MRI to make sure that pain in shoulder is just healing from a fall several weeks ago.
I truly think this is it and if rotary cuff can do nothing about it except continued exercise.

I plan after that procedure
never sharing about health issues again.

Youngest granddaughter soon to get her cast off and has not stopped her from cheer leading :)
I hate to share but her sister playing soccer is now resting from concussion, a soccer ball
hit her in the head.

So what else can happen


Rebecca said...

Never, NEVER a dull moment :)

Marcie said...

Love your new header. Callie looks so pretty in her new red collar!

I love the plant you call Abundance Plant. I think I know it by the name "False Dragonhead" but Abundance Plant is a much nicer name!

Sending love and healing energy!

Tabor said...

Always more difficult to live through the lives of those we love. Just our problems should be enough! My asters are just starting to bloom as are my mums. Love that I have flowers throughout the growing season. I have not been eating as well as I should. Shopping tomorrow!

Nan said...

I love the header! And as it happens, I've just ordered a new collar from Bean's for our Lucy. I decided that every year on her birthday she would get a new collar, the color chosen by the grandchildren. This year Hazel chose 'blue lagoon.' Next year will be Campbell's turn, and the year after that, Indy's.

Judy said...

Those kinds of sport activities scare me. Glad none of my grands wanted to play Soccer after they were teens, but just found out, two of them play LaCrosse with an occasional hit from a LaCrosse stick or whatever it's called. Why can't they all take up a nice sport like Golf or Croquet?

Wisewebwoman said...

Love the picture of Callie and that your daughter is visiting soon. And those brooms in Thailand are fantastic. What a great picture!