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Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Spent time yesterday
at Oncologist and Dr, Means truly a gem.
I have never had a doctor go over so much with me.
All ex rays and bone marrow test just point to severe arthritis.
Good, but still do not like the pain and balance issues, guess this is just a part of this condition.
Had many suggestions, some I knew but some gave me a little more instruction.
Also given a Vitamin B shot.

Was such a blessing to have a special friend meet me at the doctors, she even sent me an
email  this morning with all the information and suggestions that Dr. Means gave.
She is appreciated and always will thank Polly for this.
Another angel has appeared in my life when needed.

Jamie has been with me so many times and just not where she could take off work again
and I did not ask.   If no one available would have gone alone

My diet and exercise all good.   Need to have a lot less dairy and I knew this
but love milk and am using more Almond Milk and using dairy free yogurt daily.   Also eating less sweets because I
am no longer baking - but have found a young woman who makes marvelous cakes
so there will always be something on hand when family arrives or I want :)

A lot of medications that might help pain I cannot tolerate, like muscle relaxers, strong pain
medications because they almost sedate me.

An MRI has been ordered.  Since I fell a week ago the pain is horrible in my right shoulder
and neck.  A fall years ago experienced this and just took time and therapy for it to go
away.   Hoping I have not dislocated anything.

Then yesterday another something happened - crown came off of a tooth but dentist
appointment this morning revealed the crown could just be put back on.
I kept hoping with so much going on that I surely did not need to have a tooth pulled.

Never needed a driver in the past but with difficulty getting out of car with the pain
have used my special helper.   I remarked to him this was a new experience for someone so
independent  to have to have someone
drive her to the doctor and he replied
"maybe people will think I am your body guard."

So end of day
early to bed
very weary with two busy days.

But ever thankful and grateful for all the special help....
the mornings low 60 and even cooler
are so delightful.


Wisewebwoman said...

Ernestine I am so happy to read this. I was worried. Arthritis we can deal with, I hope. You are so brave and so independent and I can relate to the independence, not sure about my own bravery.
Sleep well, sweet spirit. Your fans embrace you in relief.


Pienosole said...

I too am happy to read this, though very sorry for the pain. May you find relief for this as much as possible in ways that are gentle. Sending warm thoughts and hugs to you. :-)

Judy said...

i never had the "feeling" that anything serious was wrong.
So I am not surprised with your test results, but still am saying, "PRAISE GOD!"
Perhaps a Rheumatologist could help with the arthritis pain?
Do you have a T.E.N.S. device? It helps my achy spots.
Wonderful news that I know has given you great emotional relief.
So--onward and upward. Ever forward!!

Tabor said...

You are indeed surrounded by angels and I am so glad! When we live in the country it is hard to get personal help on call. I am hoping that your should mends, but be patient with that as we heal twice as long as when we were young. I am sure your daughter is very torn between her career and family help. And, no cancer, is the best news of all.

My Journey To Mindfulness said...

Thanks to each of you
and yes so lucky to have some help
and hopefully they will not disappear.
MRI scheduled next Wednesday and this may be just the fall - hoping so.
I talk abut pain and it never stops and I just keep doing all I know to do.
Never want to leave this small home, help in this area less then big city and
a few hours a week is all I need. Anyone that sees me says I look fine, sound fine
and understand what is going on when they see me walk and can hardly lift arms.
So thankful but do not like this and told not going away, will progress and accept.
This not good at accepting this condition :)

My Journey To Mindfulness said...

Here I am again,
forgive all errors :)
yes, using 10's unit and every topical cream that is strong.
Enough said...

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

What a great post to read that you do not have cancer! Thanks be to God!

I hope the pain from your fall can be helped through therapy.

Glad you have people who can lend a helping hand, that is a blessing.

Love, hugs and prayers ~ FlowerLady

Marcia Morse said...

Hi Ernestine,
Wonderful news, really, although, I do know how awful it can be to still have that struggle with pain, and a fall on top of that. May you find relief in just knowing the medical news. It is just lovely that you have such nice helpers and beauty around you, and, having a great cake maker nearby, is just the best news ever. I love cake so much - too much, and good ones are hard to find!

Love and peace to you....Marcia

Rebecca said...

Overall, you DO have much to be thankful're very creative (and blessed) in finding ways to adapt and cover the necessities. Your can-do attitude will carry you far, my friend. ♥

Nan said...

Such very good news. And it's wonderful that you find so much to be thankful for. You are much cared for by those who know you in person and those who do not.

PatK said...

Relieved to hear this news. Hopefully they can suggest non-drug ways to conquer pain. You positive approach is an inspiration. We should all be angels to each other.