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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Wet Weather Continues

Up at dawn
rarely turn light over the table on, because when the sun goes down I have already gone to bed.
Walk outside to see if anything new has arrived
This vine is climbing and soon will have many seed pods on it.   I lost my plant
and friend gave me some seeds for this plant.
Need to organize these books that are close to my chair - have not - like this as they are easy to pick up.

Doctor appointments, blood work, will hear results next week,  Already know, inflammation
is increasing and doing all I know to do.   Do not like that I cannot do outside work like in the past
and really have to be careful so I do not fall.

Yard help did not arrive and did not answer message sent, but this story repeated many times.

Grass, weeds are taking over and much tree trimming and branches picked up needs attended too.  It will happen
but no longer on my schedule like in past years.

Outside and viewed
Wondering what kind of winter we will have.

Of all things on this very warm afternoon - I miss hanging clothes on a clothesline :)

"The two most powerful warriors are patience and time"  Leo Tolstoy

Rest, nature, books, music..
such is my idea of happiness...


Sandra said...

I love your lacy lady candle-holder and all those wonderful birds on the line, like clothes' pegs!
The secret to happiness is definitely being content with the way things are and not how they were or could be if circumstances were different.

Rain is so refreshing in the summer, bringing hot temperatures down and nourishing the thirsty plants.

Inflammation can be helped by revising one's diet and definitely cutting out all sugar and desserts with sugar in them. Have you tried this?

Wishing you a beautiful Sunday!

Tabor said...

I am so sorry that the inflammation is back. The therapy seemed to be working so well. It might just be the weather being so warm. With cooler weather or a break in the weather...maybe. I do love those swallows on the line. Is your vine a hyacinth bean? We have had that problem with yard help. They work on their own time and not the plants time!

Rebecca said...

Knowing and concentrating on what brings happiness in the present IS the key, I think.
I like the "inside look" at your environment. It appears peaceful and soothing. Especially that pile of books... ♥

Wisewebwoman said...

So very sorry your health is compromised with inflammation. Also the so called small things irritate. At least they do me when workers don't show up.

My Journey To Mindfulness said...

Thanks to each of you.
Know some of the answers of what I need to do
doing some but still hoping something will change
and not continue and it may not.

Marcie said...

Wish I could dig through that pile of books and see all of the titles! I wish the inflammation would subside. I have to avoid certain foods which trigger inflammation in my joints. Sadly, for me, these are the nightshade family (tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant, peppers.) I can eat a little, but I will feel it in my joints, so for the most part I just avoid those lovely veggies!

Thinking of you and sending good energy your way!

lil red hen said...

Hugs, Ernestine...Wish I could help with the yard work. I'm having to wait for the farmer to put new string in my weed wacker. Frustrating!

Sallysmom said...

Love your blog header. Wish I was right in that pic dreaming away.

Pienosole said...

Sending warm wishes and hugs this morning. :-)