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Friday, September 4, 2015


Received an email several times and just ignored.
Arrived again and it stated they would ask one more time.
I responded to their request.
A University was obtaining information on people who wrote online over 65, this information
may be used in the future in a special presentation.
I was asked to be a part of this study and hey wanted to interview me, ask some questions, could refuse any questions
and interview would go on, I could stop anytime and I went foreword.

Before beginning asked my writer daughter "should I do this" and she responded
"yes" that it would be interesting and good for me...

I did fine it interesting and was interviewed for an hour by phone, asked a number of questions and here are a few.

When I started, she found it interesting that I obtained a computer at age 70, mostly
taught myself with a number of questions I bothered my daughter with.  At this same time
bought a printer and camera which I use online.   Always one who kept journals and enjoyed
writing special thoughts so when I look back this was just continuing what I had always enjoyed doing but now with a computer.

The first blog I read was my daughter's,
Jamie, shared that an online friend reminded her of me, I began reading this blog and
sharing.  Liza in Hawaii began to encourage me to write online, began writing and immediately
surprised at the number of people who responded.

Why did I do this, answered it was shared in my profile, for my grandchildren and children
to share genealogy, recipes, pictures, stories of past and present, did not want this information lost  they might know me better
and more about me.  Have found it interesting that occasionally a grandchild will comment
that they did not know what I was sharing and they found it interesting.

Wanted to know how I found people who commented, I shared they just seemed to appear and I
discovered many from reading other blogs and interesting people who commented on their sites.

Did I find any comments to me unsettling, answered no and that I had met the most interesting
and kind souls :)

Do I plan my entries, 99% never, just seem a thought arises and I sit down at the computer
and my fingers take over....Also my camera is with me most of the time and living surrounded
by nature there is always something that catches my eye.

Also another question "in what other ways did I use my computer"  really limited when you
realize the many many options you have, but I only use for
emails daily and my children, grandchildren and I have continual contact this way, what would
I do without Amazon and google :) my computer is so important to me.  One saves me time and such a convenience to one who lives
in the country and the other is like a continual education as it answers my ongoing questions, also what other type of communication devices did I use - only my $16.95 cell phone, which is only used when in yard or vehicle with purchased minutes (no phone bill) and a simple land line phone in home.    None of the other devices that all in my family, including young grandchildren seem to use.

Interview continued with many questions and I also shared that when I started sharing online that
did not want to embarrass my professional children in any way and tried to be careful what
I shared and would not discuss any controversial subjects.   Also asked my writer daughter years ago would she edit what I wrote and she replied "no way, these are your words."  I still smile when I think of her reply. Also usually do not proof read and probably should when I notice the mistakes :)

Also went on to say that I had thoughts of no longer sharing because I feel all has been shared
and did not want to evolve into a health and aging blog :)

I would like to put my blogs in a book form, would take several books and just have not
had the time or energy to do this.   Have asked my daughter to help me but everyone is
so busy....In the future when I am no longer here there may be no one in the family interested and there might be a grandchild
who finds something interesting....

Enjoyed this interview and who knows it may be used in presentations at some time.  If it is
I requested they send me a copy of my responses.

Asked how they found me and said some of my comments had been noticed on a special site.

Interesting as you never know who is reading about you.

This one can hardly believe she has been sharing her thoughts online for almost 8 years
entries numbered at over 1400.   At one time wondered what I would write about
and seems I never run out of thoughts or words....


Rebecca said...

What an interesting experience! The answers you shared may not be too different from many of ours who fall into the "over 65 category". Our family dynamics vary, of course; and our living arrangements. But I suspect many of us were journalers, stumbled into our blogging circles, and have few other technological gadgets aside from computer and cell phone.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Very interesting and I think you are going to enjoy this experience.

Have a lovely day and weekend ~ FlowerLady

Aisling said...

That was a unique experience! Would be interesting to see the presentation!

Anvilcloud said...

I think I either got the email or saw the link somewhere, but I didn't bother with it.

Like you, I have toyed with the idea of putting some blogs into a book for much the same reasons. In fact, I got close to this several years ago, but couldn't settle on the formatting.

Wisewebwoman said...

I think if our blogs are permanently on line they will exist in perpetuity for those who wish to pursue our thoughts.

So glad you participated, I for one love reading elder blogs as there is so much shared experience.


Tabor said...

So glad you were brave enough to take advantage of this adventure. Now maybe you will not worry about continuing to share your thoughts and ideas and experiences.

Sallysmom said...

Wonderful that you decided to do this.

Rambler said...

I'm another in your age group and a new writer, after friends kept saying I should write a blog. Like you, I have just a pay phone (no Smart phone for me - the younger members of my family seem to be permanently attached to theirs and forever in contact with others, which doesn't appeal to me at all). My laptop is my only connection to the internet and a whole new group of friends, thanks to a friendly forum I discovered several years ago. I have met many of these friends when they have come to my part of the UK (Cornwall) on holiday and through regular posting we know each other very well.
This suits me as I live alone and enjoy my own company (and that of my loyal dog) but it's good to know that my online friends are always there to rant to, or moan to, or share the good things with.

Barb said...

I'm always interested in what you have to say. Our lives are connected through our words and photos. I, too, share as a record for my grandchildren. My older ones read the blog now and sometimes talk with me about what I've written. I hope you keep writing and sharing.

Pienosole said...

An interesting experience, thank you for sharing. Happy Sunday to you! :-)

Liza Pierce said...

It gives me great joy to read this post. I knew you will enjoy blogging and I knew you will bless many with your writing :)

Judy said...

I always think interviews are fun.
I also like phone surveys, for some reason. (Probably because I view them as contact with the outside (and sometimes unknown to me) outside world.

Friko said...

Blogging is good for you!
I am only slowly getting back into it after my long semi-absence. I know I’ve missed it but sometimes, when life is difficult, it is hard to share everything.

Blogging makes me feel that I am in touch with people, which is very important for mental health. As we age, we need more contact with others, not less.

I am happy that you enjoyed your interview. It’s good that it’s known that even us oldies like, and rely on, digital media.