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Monday, October 13, 2014

Oh My

Sent to me and I needed this.....

"It does not matter how crazy life is these days,
since it seems you can still make the sweetest lemon meringue pie
out of the sourest lemons available.
You are capable of manifesting the beautiful visions in  your dreams
if you are handed the right ingredients.
Don't be distracted by the vagaries of the moment.
Keep your eyes on the prize
for the best results."

Once again
just me and Miss Callie
and she is not eating her dog food
but will eat a little chicken left over from Sunday dinner.
Rabbi shot tomorrow
and Vet will look at her :(
Hopefully my little rescue dog that I have had for 5 years is fine.

Last Saturday
all the smoke alarms went off - there was not a problem in this cottage.
My daughter able to take 2 down (so glad she was here with me)
but one the ceiling was too high for her to reach.
They would not stop their noise
and was put outside in a vehicle
and still sounding off.
Electrician replaced them early this morning
said this rarely happens....

Ordered a small truck load of large rock this morning
 to put in an area that is forming a ditch with so much rain.
Truck got stuck in the mud but was pulled out by company that sent him.
My school boy helper - moved some gravel into ditch
and eventually will have to have someone with a tractor blade
move the remainder.

My helper continued with picking up limbs and several other chores.
A lot accomplished in 2 hours.

This one was going to rest today
but up since 4:30 AM
going nonstop.
A lot accomplished.

At the moment I have stopped.....
This one has a habit she is trying to stop.
Seems I cannot rest as long as there is something to do.

Storms due tonight
and hopefully they miss my cottage by the woods.

Check Facebook once a week
to see what is going on in family
and saw this
mom with her Jamie :)


Judy said...

It seems we scurry around in the spring to get our gardens ready, and then scurry around all summer to keep them weeded and watered and then scurry around in the fall to put them to bed. Then, winter comes and we have no reason to scurry around--which can be a good thing--or not so good as our bodies become less active. I remember being just fine the fall of 2009 and the spring of 2010, I could barely walk. I need to remember this and get out and walk on a sunny day--even in winter--because...I want to be able to scurry next spring. Lovely picture of you and Jamie!

Sallysmom said...

Hope all is well after the storm.

Tabor said...

You have reminded me that I need to replace two smoke alarms. I cannot find the right plug and am hoping I will nothave to hire an electrician!

Balisha said...

Ernestine....I thought of you when an old food blogger (she's very young) posted part of it on FB. She doesn't blog anymore, but when she did I followed her healthy ways with cooking and eating. She mentioned this and I looked it up and found it to be something that I think you would like.

I find that so many who live alone don't eat well.....but that's not the case with you. You always show the table setting and simple food that you prepare for "just you." I was alone for a time and did the same. I always set a pretty place to enjoy my meal. When I saw this article I thought you might like to read it. Enjoy! Here's the link


Her old blog is the one at the bottom of my favorite blog list. Her name is Kate Seiner

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Tabor, I have the best electrican
that I have used for homes built in the past - and this one.
In our area - $30 service charge
and worth it - I usualy have a list for him. He reverses high fans, cleans the blades and this time took the vent off under my fridge, which I could not remove.
Judy, Balisha and Sallysmom, :)