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Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Humming birds still at feeders and keeping fresh sugar water available for them.
Lawn is covered with leaves and I can remember living in the city
almost picking up every leaf as they fell.
Not anymore
I like the way they look and have discovered with a few windy days
a lot blow away and also excellent mulch for my perennials.
The ground is covered with acorns and being careful that one does not make me trip.
Also use to cut back all plants and now do some but leave many
as it seems the birds find something to nibble on in the Winter months
and I like the way they look as they glisten with ice and covered with snow.
Soon will separate perennials and plant along the woods path.

Time for hot water bottle at end of bed
do not like a heating pad - as it is drying.
Time to use down comforter and not just turn down like months past.
Time for Rum in my hot tea and turning on
gas logs - oh how I wish they were real logs burning like in past years.
Time for homemade soups, chili and getting out the small crock pot.
Time to read more of favorite books and not buy anymore.
Need to plant some tulips in pots
and will not put in the ground for squirrels to eat.

Soon will bring plants inside from screen porch and sometimes it is  almost November
Soon will start putting suet cakes out for the birds - still too warm.

And I might add.

Nothing is made like in years past....
going to 50 this night
and heating unit will not come on
nothing but problems with it since installed
5 years ago.   H/A man arriving in the morning
to see if some critter built a nest in it.

Update on Callie.
Vet thinks she ate something in the woods.
Liver inflammed, she has a fever, given a shot
 and I am giving her an antibiotic.
Hopefully she is soon her normal self and well.

Well aware that this one has much to be thankful for.
My life journey has been full of ups and downs,
never dull, filled with many creations
and so many blessings.

Following my son's advice
need to lower my standards in this cottage and flower beds
and relax more.
Trying to do this and
aging will probably make this happen

Seems I hardly ever sit down
always something to do....


lil red hen said...

I was just wondering about Callie today. I hope she is better soon because I know how much you love her.

You've made an impressive list of fall activities; wish I had the time for some of these. Cold weather always brings on as much or more work than summer weather here on the farm.

Take care...

Barb said...

It's good to keep moving as long as we can! I like your autumn reverie. I sure hope your heat is fixed soon. I hope Callie didn't get a mushroom. Many dogs get sick here when they eat a mushroom.

Judy said...

There is a bad canine virus going around too--hope Callie doesn't have that!!! I wish I had a fireplace.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Charlotte, Barb, Judy, there is much more that I did not list that needs doing :)
Trying to figure out how to keep Callie out of the woods. Hate
to keep her on a leash when I take her out. She is accustomed
to running free...

Pienosole said...

Hope Callie feels better soon! Thank you again for sharing your warm stories.

Balisha said...

I hope that Callie is better soon. I know how much company a beloved pet can be. I remember when she came to live at Woodhaven.
What a coincidence ....I put rum in my tea too. Elizabeth told me about this and gave me a tiny pitcher filled with rum for my birthday this year.
Hope you get that heating system working right. Good that you are doing it before cold weather sets in.
Have a nice afternoon and give Callie a hug from Balisha.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Pienosole and Balisha, do not think my little Callie is going to make it. I tried so hard not to bond with her but she is so much company for me. At this stage of life I will not get another dog...

Chip Butter said...

October... a wonderful time of year... love your thoughts on it. I am so pulling for your little Callie... have always placed her as one of the main characters there at beautiful Woodhaven. Over the years, I have shed many, many tears when my dog companions leave me. After my Nell, who, thankfully, I still have, I don't think there will be another.

Balisha said...

I'm concerned about Callie....I told in my comments about mixing browned gr, round and rice for her to eat. Our vet recommended this. I wasn't sure that you saw it. Rice is very easy to digest.
Is she up and about? Pets are such a worry.,,,,they come to be part of the family. Hope she improves this weekend.
Take care,

Dublincity Counselling said...
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Sky said...

I am so sorry to hear Callie is ill. Hoping your Vet can find out exactly what is going on with her and can keep her hydrated. Keeping you both in my thoughts.