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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

You Warmed My Heart

I returned from errands
it was snowing
arthritis so bad
I was using a cane
so please forgive for this sharing.

I found a picture sent to me of my oldest granddaughter Jessica
with her special Mathew.
as they prepared for dinner.

Every ache and pain went away
as I viewed this special young woman
Remembering well
our special conversations as she was growing up.
As a toddler she would talk to me like an adult
and always made my heart melt.

This image if my heart is correct
is of a young woman
who looks radiant, beautiful and in love.....


Found In Folsom said...

Beautiful...I am wondering if I will ever live upto see such big grand kids.. You are lucky :)

Barbee' said...

Wonderful radiant photo and beautiful table, too.

kerrdelune said...

My dear friend, your granddaughter is truly beautiful. I so hope the pain of your arthritis has abated, or if not already gone goes NOW. Good and healing thoughts are flowing your way and much love too.

Pienosole said...

And reading this has warmed mine :-).

mel said...

How wonderful they reached out to you to share their love