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Monday, March 28, 2011

Simple Lifestyle Weekly News

Japanese Cherry tree planted last Spring is my new header. A tick discovered on youngest granddaughter. Tick also on grandma she is also battling poison ivy on Zpack and finally starting to heal Usually have to get shot also a yearly occurrence for over 30 years hoping to heal without shot. Small snake discovered in flower bed.

Hanging sheets on line for the first time thought Spring had arrived but in the 30s at the moment 100 buttercup bulbs planted are blooming Almond bush blooming Lilac bush full of buds ready to open oh how I love their fragrance this bush just grows so slow. Trees are showing a hint of green Amazed at how fast lettuce, radishes and potatoes are growing guess. I look at them daily. Turnip greens planted last August are thriving I never pull them out of the ground - cut the tops with a sliced boiled egg and crumbled crisp bacon on top they are so good. Since my little girls visited I cannot find a pair of sunglasses but one small sock found under guest bed.

Early Sunday morning visited local small church where my children and I were baptised 35 years ago and where I once taught and did much outreach work Many smiles and hugs I sat in the quiet sanctuary and listened to old hymns, sermon. A restless night. So many memories of those earlier years at that church. Memories of those who were so good to me and no longer on this earth. A night that was once more a confirmation of I am no longer that person of years ago. There would probably be very few in that building today that would understand where I am and it does not matter because I did feel loved and so welcome. On this day it was a continued confirmation of much.... "the more you know who you are and what you want, the less you let things upset you"


One Woman's Journey said...
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the wild magnolia said...

I understand. Thankfully we realize others are on a similar path, and we are not alone.

Love the Japanese cherry blossoms, they are among my favorites. Your garden efforts seem to be flourishing.

Turnips, cornbread and ice tea! Mmmm!

I've had trouble with blogger posts of late too.

Wishing you a day of peace and joy.

Elsa Louise said...

Your post is like a stream of mindfulness, and your life, at least to me, seems full and rich, not simple at all.

One Woman's Journey said...

Sandra and Elsa Louise, thank you so much for visiting.