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Friday, March 11, 2011

One Of Those Inside Days

Cold and howling winds for two days.
Spring you keep giving me a sneak preview.
Wish you would hang around longer.

What would I do without my constant companion
the computer?

Keeps me continually in touch with this
family that is near, far and traveling

Images received
Granddaughter, grandson and soninlaw - skiing
in Vail, Colorado
sure looks cold - but look at that blue sky

Grandson visiting his parents in Florida

My little one practicing her dancing
I just know that part of her future is Yoga
like her uncle.

Little one, tomorrow is your birthday
Seems like yesterday you were born...

Family pictures along with phone calls
and visits

Make me smile....
especially on inside days

Today the sun is suppose to shine - good


Sky said...

great photos - thanks for sharing. happy b/day to your little one.

about the previous post - wow, time is flying here, too. i also have an awareness that i am in my latter stage of life now. that is a little bothersome sometimes. i mourn a bit for the days when i was unconscious of it and just lived with more freedom and less urgency.

Christy said...

Checking in with you. Hoping all is well.

Beverly said...

It should be an outside today as the day goes on. Isn't is wonderful to get pictures of our family. It makes you feel closer to them....

One Woman's Journey said...

Sky, Christy and Beverly, thanks for visiting...

the wild magnolia said...

Photographs are captured visual memories.

Thank you for sharing your family.

Love the header, greenery, twiggy nest and ivory spotted it, love it!


mermaid said...

I hope you are keeping warm with your family photos, your writing, your photography, and all the love surrounding you and inside you.

One Woman's Journey said...

Wm, thank you for visiting.
Mermaid, I am staying warm. Another couple of spring like days and I have worked very hard outside. Your words always special.

LauraX said...

I think you are the shining sun Ernestine... for all of us who love you, you ARE the sun!

One Woman's Journey said...

Laura, thank you - at the moment I am so tired from working outside and being on the lawn tractor a lot of hours....

tattytiara said...

Wow, limber! I hope yoga is in her future - if you keep using it you don't loose it!