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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Beautiful Spring

Yesterday was a beautiful and sunny day. A helper arrived and we continued to clean the edge of the woods surrounding my cottage. My garden is coming alive with plants that are emerging.

An area was cleaned where wild flower seeds will be scattered.

Even the lettuce and radish seeds planted a week ago are emerging. All of the trees are showing signs of buds. Ever aware that this being the middle of March that a cold snap will visit again.
This preview of Spring is being enjoyed and is so welcome.

So thankful for this new helper that was found. In the past little help was needed but time has taken care of the fact that there are chores that are too difficult for me. We took a trip to Lowes for material to reroute water from downspouts. Why did the builder not do this ? When you build you think you have covered every item but over the following year you discover some things that should have been done. A lilac bush will have a new home.

With a number of homes being built in my past - I always smile at the fact that when the builder is through with his task and asks for a punch list (items you see that need to be done)
you really never know some of these items until you have lived in your new home for a while.
The builder then is usually unavailable or it is difficult to get them to return.

Enjoyed riding the tractor through the woods and opening up the walking path. It continues to grow :)

Anyone that walks the path - must pick up limbs along the way....

My youngest granddaughter's will arrive and spend a few days with me. They are so happy and full of life and make me feel so loved.

Forecast for 5 sunny and warm days is putting a continual smile on this One Woman's face.

Hope all is well in your area and wishes of Happiness, Health, Safety and Peace are sent to you from One Woman in Northern Tennessee.

What wonderful things a garden can do all by itself and what endless
pleasure it gives as it makes all of the changes!

~Elizabeth Sheldon~ in "The Meditative Gardener" by Cheryl Wilfong


Sharon said...

As the snow melts around the edges I can see plants here, too. So often we go straight from winter to summer and miss the subtle changes of spring. It would be wonderful to have spring this year!

Tabor said...

I can hear the sap running in your veins as you return to gardening.

shannon said...

I can hear the happiness in your words today!!
Spring is wonderful, isn''t it, renewed hope every year.

Smile on;)

the wild magnolia said...

Moving into spring and seeing the "peeps" of new veggies and plants is pleasing to you! So happy for you.

It is good to know help has arrived.

The granddaughter's will feast on your loving attention and nurture. They will always remember your times together, and from you, they learn how to care for their future granddaughters.

Blessings and love sent to you this St. Patrick's Day.

Peace be with you!
Síochán leat


LauraX said...

so beautiful Ernestine, each day a bit more snow disappears...soon the green will push through here too, very soon.

One Woman's Journey said...

Sharon, Tabor, Shannon, WM and Laura, thank you for visiting.
Your words mean more then you will ever know...

Vagabonde said...

I went outside yesterday too looking for spring and found some little violets coming through the dead leaves. It is supposed to be up to 80 this coming Saturday, but we are driving to Tennessee (Brentwood) where I hope it won’t be so warm. I like spring to be spring and not early summer.

Balisha said...

I love your forsythia header. I'm waiting patiently for my new one to bloom. So glad that you found a helper. Now you can accomplish what you want. Things are budding slowly here...patience.

judemiller1 said...

I would love to pick up limbs and sticks along your path, but alas, I cannot bend over very easily. I would love the path however and would put up with the later pain.

Mary said...

What is the name of that plant? Variagated phlox maybe? I ask because my sister just got some from a yard sale and did not know what it was. And I feel spring when I read your words.

Sky said...

have fun with the girls and in that southern sunshine! we are so eager to have some warmer and dry days. fortunately, there are some in store for us next week and sunday is supposed to be nice, but our highs are still chilly in the low 50s. the garden is calling, however, so we will be outside tomorrow trimming, deadheading, pruning, and doing a spring cleaning!

i want to see a photo of you on the tractor! :)

One Woman's Journey said...

Was not going to turn computer on this weekend :)
Mary, wanted to answer your question. This image is of Vinca groundcover.
Judy, and Sky - thanks for visiting.
A tiring weekend. Somethiing bit me. Either a tick or spider :(
in the woods....