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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Busy Weekend

Was not going to write this weekend - and here I am.

I wanted to answer Mary's question about the last image that I posted.

It is Vinca - a ground cover.

My radishes, lettuce and potatoes are breaking ground :) Could not get an image of potatoes.

I copied the radish picture twice and am so weary could not remember how to delete the image without deleting what I have written :) They need to be thinned.

Turnip greens planted last fall are flourishing. Will have some for dinner this evening.

Sunny and cool today and rain tomorrow.


the wild magnolia said...

I am always beside myself with happiness to see the spring sprouts of veggies and flowers.

Good job gal friend!

One Woman is amazing as she gardens, cares for the birds, and herself. Too top it all off she shares with us!

Happy weekend, wish I lived close enough to come over for tea or coffee and orange cookies. :)

hee, hee....I had a typo in the first comment I posted....had to fix it.

Tabor said...

You can delete the photo by right clicking on it and selecting delete. Looks like LOTS of things coming up.

Beverly said...

Garden looking good!