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Monday, December 13, 2010


Snow all day on Sunday
Blustery winds all night
5 and ice covered temperature on usually sunny deck

Plane could not get into Nashville
Little Rock for a while
Safely home
Over the icy roads

Little girls stayed safe on
Two round trips to airport

Early morning picture
Could hardly hold camera

Feeders were full yesterday
Hesitant to venture out

Fun in New York for granddaughter
Christmas Crawl

Memories of this energy
In the past


One Woman is staying inside


shannon said...

So is this woman!!!

Tabor said...

We are getting our first snowfall this morning but it will melt by afternoon. Temp right now is 29...brrr!

Beverly said...

Smart move....don't move! At least not outside....

-teri said...

Your clipped poetic sentences are perfect- it is just too cold for anything else-(including holding a camera. Lovely images- stay warm.

the wild magnolia said...

Great photos, great words, the poet in you is peeping out! How fun.

Not as cold here, but blustery! I say I can handle the cold but the wind annoys me! :)

Stay warm dear heart!

Freda said...

The cold seems to sap the strength...... so you are right to keep warm. Love your clipped comments on your world.

One Woman's Journey said...

shannon, Tabor, Beverly, -teri, MG and Freda - thank you for commenting. Bitter cold here in the woods. As family views my clipped words - they get the message..

LauraX said...

much excitement! And so strange the way you have snow and we haven't had but a few flakes so is good to stay in...and enjoy your lovely rocking chair, remembering the fun you had, but comfortable, calm and warm inside, enjoying the view through your window.

judemiller1 said...

I stayed in Monday too. Temperatures= 10 here.

Tabor said...

I often wish after your comments on my blog that you were blogging anonymously so that you could tell all about your full life. It was interesting, from what I can tell. Dynamic and full speed ahead...but not you, I can also tell that.

One Woman's Journey said...

Laura and Judy, thanks for visiting.
Tabor, you make me smile. You are smart and a good judge. I wonder sometimes "who was that woman".
Or rather she finally came full circle and found herself.

Lonely Rivers said...

Well we are having our Monsoon at the moment..landslides and trees falling from so much water..rivers flooding or on alert. Glad to be inside even thought I am battling quite a cold.

One Woman's Journey said...

LR - sounds really bad. Stay safe :)