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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Going Foreward

Now, 8 weeks since oral surgery

6 weeks with horrible shingles

somewhat better

told I am at the end....

thought that painful spasms had left 5 days ago
then one this morning
frightened visitor
but helper Naney
helped me through it

So at the end
need to gain 10 pounds

son arrriving on Sunday
safe travel wishes
over the water......

will share at the moment

love and thankfulness for each of my online friends,
people coming and going from this cottage

Bits of food, prayers and so thankful for them

God is good.

One Woman


Wisewebwoman said...

So very good to hear from you. Are you back at the house?

So happy your son is coming to be with you.


Starzz said...

You have been through so much. I am in awe of your strength.
I have been checking your blog every day to see if you had been able to write.
I wish you comfort. Feel well soon.
Gentle hugs.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

So glad to read this post from you and that you are doing better. It sounds like you are back home and I pray you have a lovely Easter and a wonderful visit with your son.

Love, hugs & continued prayers ~ FlowerLady

Carolyn Marie said...

I am relieved to hear that you are improving. A visit with your son will surely help! I am grateful for you Ernestine.

Nan said...

Are you home?? Happy for you that your beloved boy is coming.

Marsha Sprague said...

Happy to read you’re better. I’d be happy to make and bring you some goodies if I lived near. Sening warm thoughts and healing hugs.��

Rebecca said...

I must have missed something!?!
So happy to see that you're back at your beloved cottage and are improving.
I'm sure you are being extra careful and getting VERY excited to see your son.
Hope you're surrounded by Spring-type weather and scenes. ♥

RITA LOEHR said...

Glad to hear that you are a bit better. Know your so. Will lift your spirits. Continued prayers for your recovery.

Lonely Rivers said...

Dear one,
I have an extra ten pounds I would gladly give you and we’d both be healthier! I’m glad I finally figured out how to leave a comment here. 14 years is a long friendship, and I treasure you courage and wisdom. I don’t think you wrote about moving back to the woods, or did I miss it? So glad your special son will soon be with you. Something wonderful to look forward to! I’m in Maui right now with My daughter and her husband and my precious granddaughter whom I call Nora Weadoreya. When I tell her my hip hurts so I must walk slowly she slows down and says “that’s ok grandma, we’re a team!” (She’s 3) Her parents have taught her that being a “team” means you love and care for each other and you root for each other. Ernestine you have quite a team of your own including family and friends around the world. We’re rooting for you! Much love, Paula

kerrdelune said...

Glad you are on the mend, my friend, and hope that the pain is gone and very soon.

Judy said...

Still praying morning and night. I'm so glad you are home!!!

Tabor said...

So good to read this post. I almost missed it! YOu will be fine once the sun warms your porch.

Bluebird49 said...

Oh, Ernestine! I am so glad your son will soon be with you. Maybe he can figure out ways to help you relax and even put some weight on you! I pray so--- have a good Easter, dear one!!

Judi said...

Glad to see you r back blogging. Blessings to you and your family this Easter morning.

Gemma's person said...

Good wishes, good vibes, healing thoughts and beautiful mind to you.

kerrdelune said...

Thinking of you, Ernestine, and hope you are feeling much better.

Rebecca said...

Can hardly stand not hearing how you are doing, Ernestine!
Odd, how much one can grow to care over years of blogging...
Knowing you are well companioned as your son is here.
Praying the pain is subsiding and the pounds are piling on!

Beverly said...

Sending love to you!!!