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Monday, May 1, 2017

I Smile

Memories surface of  a time in the past
I was leaving the country
and said I would not return
but I did....

My grandson came to visit
he thought for one last time in this country setting.  At the moment cannot find that image
with another dog I had at that time.  He was getting ready to start college in Nashville.

5 years ago he brought Missy to visit me, I wrote about the little dog Bear that I rescued on this country road and Gavin fell in love with little Bear and took him back to Nashville to live
at his fraternity house - it was quite a story I shared.  Then after graduation he took him to the
big city, seems Bear did not adjust to well but he did find a wonderful home for him.
Image of Callie and little Bear. 5 years ago.

Yesterday received many pictures of my grandson and engagement to young woman he has been seeing for 5 years. the one in the above photo - I think they still look the same,
They graduated from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, together.

loves this image of him on his knees
God Bless them and their future together.


Judy said...

Oh how wonderfully sweet!!! You're going to have to find a dress for the wedding, Grandma.

lil red hen said...

So very, very special for you!

Wisewebwoman said...

This is wonderful. It says so much that he adopted the wee dog. Lovely young man. Like his grandma.


Rebecca said...

Memories are fuel for our todays, I think...
Savor all your good ones!