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Tuesday, May 30, 2017


It is finally happening
for weeks have waited for the 3 ft high weeds in front of this cottage to be sprayed in preparation for crop.  I heard the big loud machine about an hour ago :)

The blacktop machines just arrived also and they will start preparing part of the gravel drive in the morning for blacktop.
I will be able to walk once again and use this great helpful walker on the blacktop and maybe not the walker, just a cane.    It has been  impossible with gravel.
I miss walking on this property and the best for me has been at the market holding onto the cart.

Person who has bush hogged my woods in the back stopped and have been trying to find someone.
Seems all the surrounding farmer's machines are too big to go in and out of the tree's on my
back property.  It was beginning to look like a jungle.   Children say "it is not important and I am too
fussy" but do not want the woods to become so thick this cannot be done, in the past enjoyed
exploring the woods and wild flowers.  So someone is starting on the woods on Saturday :)

Arriving home from errands earlier today I see a truck by my terrace.   Another handrail was being
installed so I can go from terrace down to drive and garden area - easily.

So at the close of this day
I smile and things that have burdened me
are being solved.

So a very thankful heart
is beating......


Judy said...

You are going to feel like a new person, once you can walk on that driveway.
Get the tall weeds down, get the woods cleaned up, you are the one who has to look at it. You deserve to enjoy all of your view.
I am happy, happy for you!!!

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Judy, thank you
with all that is going on with this body I needed this blessing
Constant bladder infections keep me sad.
So much going on with this body is beginning to be difficult for me to handle
God bless you and you just keep moving, do not stop...

Tabor said...

If they are paving maybe they can also pave a little area of the drive for you to walk and enjoy. I know exactly howy ou feel in that getting outside is essential for peace of mind. I hit my toes against the furniture earlier this week and could not get outside for days and walk on uneven ground. It reminded me of how fragile we all are.

Candace said...

Terrific to hear of the paving of drive, it will be so so helpful for you.
Now I would like you to start looking at that lovely walker as a tool, much like garden or kitchen tools, to be used. A well used and loved tool is a thing of beauty. The lovely walker is your tool to saving energy so you can do more, walk more, move more. carry more. It is a tool for stability to save you from falls which, in my mind can be so much more devastating than dying. A fall can render you incapacitated, dependent, more physically limited, bed ridden for days, weeks or longer, much longer.
A walker can help one be independent instead of being limiting. Perspective.
Have a lovely day! Oh the smell of asphalt being laid will be the smell of freedom. LOL

My Journey To Mindfulness said...

Candace, I tried to find a way to respond to you amd could not.
So here it will be done.
Thank you so much for your encouraging words....

Wisewebwoman said...

I totally get it. I fret and worry and obsess when jobs I can't perform wait to be done. So very happy for you. The young don't understand our time running out. We didn't either.


Marcie said...

So nice to have so many things taken care of! I know you will love the improvements!

Nan said...

I would be the same way. Weeds and bushes take over far too quickly! Your new walk is going to be wonderful!