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Monday, June 13, 2016


So warm outside yesterday and continues
reading a lot in afternoons

Came across this quote

"you are not stuck
where you are
unless you want to be"

Wayne Dyer

In past years always thought this
and moved on
but at this time of life
may not be true.....

A memory
with youngest granddaughter
Amelia Grace.

Taken at the city home
before I moved to the country...


Sallysmom said...

Sweet picture and a really pretty corner you decorated.

Judy said...

Treasured memories! Love that stained glass window panel. I AM stuck where I am, would love to move back to the country, but...I'm near hospitals, doctors and stores, so I am right where I NEED to be. Not want to be, but need to be, and I'm to the point where, "it is well with my soul."

Rebecca said...

What an interesting quote!
"Stuck" generally has such negative connotations.
Perhaps it is not always so......

I sure enjoyed reading of your Sunday morning breakfast....and snack choices.
Sounds fine & so healthy.

Marcie said...

Sometimes we are a little stuck where we are physically. But, don't you think that we can continue to move in terms of our thoughts? I notice in my life that sometimes there is a time of stillness, of struggling to accept, and then finally a time to slowly inch forward in terms of acceptance or understanding.

I could never see you as stuck, Ernestine, because you are always reaching out and sharing your thoughts and wisdom.

My Journey To Mindfulness said...

Marcie and all
I always moved a lot
loved creating homes and gardens
Now this smaller home
just really difficult
to accept needing help
always so independent
Now there is no other choice for me
but to accept.
What did I think
I would go to the end
full of energy, never stopping
and then just drop.
The body is like a machine
and just eventually stops..

Sky said...

I never realized how much you favor Mary Tyler Moore until now! Beautiful photo.