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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Delightful Morning

Morning so nice and cool, high 60's, opened doors and was beautiful outside
Day beginning and field of soybeans are lush and green, a light rain last night
and everything looks so fresh and clean this early morning.
On the mat for 35 minutes
makes such a difference when you have a good nights sleep.

A waffle, blueberry, cranberry, banana, green tea morning.

Fresh eggs just delivered and it looks like a beautiful day is beginning.

Marking some Day Lilies to soon transplant to the terrace garden
also need to soon divide Iris,

"He who would accomplish anything
must learn to limit himself"

Good advice and this one (the busy one) sure did not follow it for years
now trying....


Sallysmom said...

We have not had any rain in almost 2 weeks. My flower beds are very dry. Beautiful early morning shot.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Your morning temperature sounds wonderful. It is 5:57 a.m. right now and the temp is 80 and feels like it is 92.

Your breakfast sounds delicious and I pray your day today will be a lovely and peace filled one ~ FlowerLady

Rebecca said...

Oh! Morning temps are wonderful here, too!
And that quote is quite profound - at ANY age...
Hope you will choose to savor THIS day as it unfolds and receive its pleasures as gifts; its responsibilities as guideposts.

Pienosole said...

Love the sunrise photo! Wishing you a joyful day. :-)

Wisewebwoman said...

I'd love to sit and drink your garden with you :)


Marcie said...

The morning after a rain is so beautiful, isn't it? Love your photos and the gentle peaceful feeling of your words.

PatK said...

I hope you are enjoying a relaxed and delicious 4th.

Judi said...

Hope you are enjoying the 4th. A day of no sun but humidity and mosquitos!!! I am enjoying reading one of Susan Branch's new books. I so enjoy your pictures of gardens and life where you are. Take care and enjoy your day