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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Busy Week

Such a busy week with appointments daily
and it is so nice to be home this weekend.
An old clothes and simple meal kind of days.
A little help this morning between the on and off rain.
Yard work and seldom have anyone take my trash off,
8 bags and Chris took them to the dumpsters in the truck.

Chris went to school with my Jamie and has been helping me on and off
for many years, Times I moved, special projects and now that he not working
with winter tobacco or painting
he is available for a couple of hours a week.
Need the yard work help, cutting grass and always  something else needs tending too.

Callie, watches and always memories of - just stopping at the shelter to take a look and the manager
shares that a little dog just came in, owners left town and left it chained to a tree, take a look
at her, well, she stole my heart, they cut the chain off of her neck, she jumped in my truck
and I brought her to my just built cottage by the woods.
It took a while for her to bond with me as she had been neglected, but it happened.
She loves it when family visits, gets so excited and my youngest grand daughter's  spoil her.
After losing several dogs over the years I vowed never to really bond with a dog again, well it did
not happen,   Callie never takes her eyes off of me and when I am outside she is always near.

I love to read and it has been sadly neglected.
Tomorrow the N.Y. Times arrives and at this time by my chair
Food For The Heart
collected teachings of Ajahn Chah

Snow in the Summer
by Sayadaw U Jokika

This one many years  a favorite
and always learn something new.

Plan on making tomorrow a reading day


Just received Mary Oliver's
new book

"Storage"   and could relate to this poem as I have moved many times...

When I moved from one house to another
there were many things I had no room for..
What does one do?  I rented a storage space.
And filled it.   Years passed.
Occasionally I went there and looked in,
but nothing happened, not a single twinge
of the heart.
As I grew older the things I cared about grew fewer,
but were more important.  So one day I undid the lock
and called the trash man he took everything.
I felt like the little donkey when his burden is finally lifted
Things !  Burn them!
Make a beautiful fire!
More room in your heart for love,
for the trees!
For the birds who own nothing--the reason they can fly......


Sallysmom said...

It is good to have one of God's creatures by our side for company.

Rebecca said...

Reading is just about the only thing I do between almost-daily trips to spend time with my aging and ailing parents. Finding a worthy book to hold my attention has been the challenge, but lately I've been pleasantly surprised by books. Particularly this last one - The Enchanted April by Elizabeth Von Arnim...

Marcie said...

Great poem. Love Mary Oliver and didn't realize she had a new book until you mentioned it in a previous post. I can't wait to read new poems by an old favorite.

Tabor said...

I am learning from you about adapting and adjusting and loving. Your dog is your protector and your friend and you were wise in getting him. It could be lonely on rainy afternoons without that little canine. I am slowly thinking about things I need to hire people to do, but I also worry about not being active enough and so hang on to these chores for a while longer.

My Journey To Mindfulness said...

Sallysmom, oh yes
and Rebecca, I have that book,loved it.
Marcie, love her poems and can relate to many of them
and Tabor, so much has changed in the last 2 years of what I am physically
able to do, I do not like it, as what someone else is helping me with
doing all you enjoy....
I am never lonely as still always doing
do miss family
but realize they have their family's and are so busy
80 is far off for all of you
enjoy this time in your life
as now I realize
how quickly it went by.

Wisewebwoman said...

I, too, love Mary Oliver. Storage was particularly poignant as I did the same. The once important "stuff" no more.

My Ansa was a rescue also. Tied up for 2 years to a tree. Took her ages to bond with me but she did. and now, soon, it will be time to say goodbye to each other. I can't bear the thought.

You and Callie together, doing the best you can. Just like the rest of us.


Judy said...

I have that kind of a week this week.
I will be glad when the appointments are all done and I can go back to being my normal, peaceful hermit. :-) I too promised never to bond with another animal,'s happened. Can't be helped.