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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Looking Out The Front Door

Spotted a Blue Bunting
spotted at a distance many times and now I need to recognise the female.   Tried to download another image and information from Google and it would not post...

20 minute shower and hoped it would decrease the 105 heat index - not so.

Two umbrella stands at different doors and placed them together as you come off the screen porch.
A lot of memories, they have been moved from home to home,  red umbrella from oldest daughter on a visit when I shared that I always
wanted a red umbrella.   Walking stick collection and sunhats that my youngest granddaughter's sometimes put on when visiting.  At one time this collection larger but made smaller recently.

Traveling family - some headed for Florida before school begins, another with family in Cape Cod
to celebrate some birthdays.  One will be 89.   Another soon arriving from over the ocean  - Copenhagen  and a special upcoming  trip for 2 others to France soon.
Mama, grandma is contented here by the woods and does not want to go anywhere except to Lowe's, Farmers Market and occasional trip to the big city - but I do miss fresh seafood..

I am either easy to please or boring
but this one is happy and contented...


Wisewebwoman said...

You put me in mind of this fine song, would play it a lot in the old days:


Judy said...

I take "easy to please", with a little bit of "I'm too tired to travel", thrown in.
Not boring--you are never boring.
I love collections that have a meaning--like your umbrella stand.
My house is way too small for many collections, but the ones I do have and have kept with me, move after move, have meaning to me. There is a story behind every piece.

Tabor said...

My family is always on the go. I like a good trip or two but do not want to travel with them on their high energy trips where every minute of every day has to be filled with activity. Getting ready for a weeks visit from the oldest grandson and worrying there will not be enough for him to enjoy!