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Friday, February 27, 2015


I should not be writing
I am so sad..
A special friend has been in the hospital all week.
She went 2 times calling 9ll
and each time after checking her and medicating her
they sent her home.
Not the third time
She is 92
so dear to me.
Just called to just check in
and she cried
said I do not think I will make it this time.
So I pray
hope for recovery for her.

Drove to pick up mail
stuck in the ice
and I know a warming trend is arriving
but my drive and by the house
still icy.
Stopped 50 feet from home
and could not get out of ice.
Does not matter if it sits there
so lucky to get back inside.
Boots give no help
on the ice.
Computer problems continue
went off line this morning
about 20 times as I tried to do something.

You know it seems
that when you need some that are special
to you
and they know you are having a difficulty
they cannot deal with you
so they almost disappear.
That's alright
for I know what is going on.
I have not been like this
or maybe I do not remember
being like this.

The last couple of years so many I know
and have been close too
experiencing severe health issues
and some no longer here.
So aware this will continue as one ages
and a part of our jouney
but still difficult to accept.

I strive for balance
pray continually
am fine but a difficult time
with 3 close ones
having health issues.

Enough said...


Wisewebwoman said...

I am so glad you made it home on the ice. I daren't venture out now as I am terrified to fall again.

I am so sad you are having your friends with health issues. As you know I'm having my own challenges and one I didn't talk about at all as I am so worried.

Know I am here and you can email me at any time.


Val said...

I was going to say after reading your last post or two that some of your sadness lately surely has to be over Balisha's news. I know it has saddened me this month, and I just feel like I've been in a blue funk the past few weeks over that and the seemingly-unending winter. I'm sorry to read of your other friends' health difficulties too. February is hard enough without being snowed-in and getting multiple rounds of bad/sad news throughout it.

Be gentle with yourself, and I'm always glad when you do write. I think writing helps.

Love and Hugs,

Val ♥

Rebecca said...

It IS O.K. not to be "fine", you know...just saying.

I'm sorry to hear about your friend. I, too, have several friends in difficult circumstances--not to mention my own mother.

I, too, strive for balance and pray continually. And like Val, I think writing helps. ♥

Judy said...

I am like Val--been so depressed over Balisha and I know you are too. Why is it that sometimes family/friends seem close, but then, when something bad comes up, where are they? Pretty soon the sun is going to shine--the snow and ice are going away and we can get in the garden!!! That will make us feel alive again! Love you--

Beverly said...

I so hope things get better. It has been a rough week for my friends. One's 46 year old son died of a heart attack, his funeral is tomorrow. Another friend's son overdosed last night and is not doing well.
Had to be a Debbie Downer, but, i now realize my worry over the property tax was nothing!!!!
Take care....I still have ice frozen around the house, but at least I am not in Boston....

Found In Folsom said...

Life is tough and I get some courage when I read your posts. How did you manage to walk into the house? Please do be careful in the ice. My prayers for all your friends.