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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Good Buy

On the way to small local town
for prescription and their new drive in window sure is handy.
Busyness is everywhere
 people are putting their wares out
for mile long yard sale tomorrow and Saturday.
Never would I go,
the heat and do not like crowds and want nothing.

Noticed a man unloading a bar stool.
I rolled down the window and asked "how much"
$3 the answer and I know he would have taken $2
but was ashamed to ask :)
Inquired "do you think it will go in the back seat
of my car?    This easily accomplished.

when I sit on my deck watching for arrival of birds at my feeders
this will be perfect.

The railing surrounding the deck
blocks a good view in my regular chair
and grow weary of standing.

On my list was stopping at Lowe's
sometime and buying an inexpensive bar stool.

So here it is, I can use outside on deck and inside if I want to sit at counter.
In case I grow tired of it
will pass on...

New problem
many spams daily
through email
and now on my blog.
Any suggestions for stopping them
is welcome.


Sallysmom said...

On some blogs they have it fixed where the blog writer has to approve the comment. Maybe Lorraine will read your blog post. I think hers is set up like that.

Pienosole said...

The law of attraction at work (regarding the bar stool) :-). This story made me smile. Thank you.

Judy said...

I really like that high stool--would come in so handy in my kitchen! I don't get too much spam comments on my blog--I just delete or ignore. I think to stop in your e-mail, you may have to change your password? Don't know for sure--I just do a "block sender" on them.

Wisewebwoman said...

I have a bar stool very like it, it has a kind of hemp top that looks like knitting, great to perch on.

As to spam, now and again I moderate when it gets too much and it seems to go away then. I put a "moderate" on any comment over 7 days old as that's when the spammers strike.

if you go into your tools you will find help.


Anvilcloud said...

I tend to avoid yard and garage sales, but it was good that you spotted something that you needed.

lil red hen said...

Nice little stool, Ernestine! I have one like it that is very old. I set it on the porch with intentions of putting a flower pot on it.

I hate spam comments! And recently I was getting sooo many on the blog; never had to deal with it on email. I went into "my settings" and now don't take anonymous written comments. What kind of person gets a thrill from bothering us older women!