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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Winter Returns Along With My Returning Home

Winter never really left
but it sure felt like it for several days.
Bitter cold morning, down coat, boots
and off for errands.

Been a long time since I stopped at our local library.
Seems I order from Amazon new and used books, keep and share.
I love books everywhere in this cottage
they are my friends.
Had thoughts of a Kindle and
will not go this route at this time of life.
If I traveled then it would be nice.
 I like the feel and the look of a paper book.

Several of  ~~Mireille Guiliano's ~~  books were picked up.
None of her recent books available but was told by one
that they would make me smile.
In need of something light and to make me smile
seems a number of serious matters to contemplate
These books were brought home plus a gardening magazine.

The errands numbered 5 and a final stop - since it had been a month
at Dunkin Donuts for Pumpkin Latte and the free donut given
to one of a special age and I chose a Crueler.

Heading down the highway
 to Drugstore that is 4 miles away from my cottage.
Picked up a prescription, birthday card and was given a gift of some Soy lotion.
This one handing it to me
is so kind and always a favorite along with her husband over the years,
has a selection of some really beautiful and unusual items
that she buys at market.
She complimented this now ancient one with her stylish boots,
white down coat and of course the cane in hand....
I think at times I may look better then I actual feel or think
if this makes sense or someone is trying to make me feel good....
This young woman, the wife of the pharmacist  recently stopped serving lunch
and now offers coffee, tea and something sweet.   Do miss the lunches when someone
makes a visit to my home it was someplace to go for quality and close to home.

Finally home and so good to pull down the gravel drive to Callie who is almost doing flips in the air as she is so happy
to see me and let out of utility room - kept there because it is so cold outside.

Nothing sweet has been baked in many days and placed a frozen grocery Apple Pie
in the oven. Rarely do this but better then nothing and will be warm and tasty.

 Thai coconut soup with an addition of more Soy.
and peanut butter and crackers, so a simple lunch.
Have stopped using sweet tea at all of my meals and this is a way of reducing some of the
sugar I consume :)

This caught my eye in the recent "Cooking Light" magazine and have the pears on hand.
Trying to decide which quick bread recipe I use to add the pears to look like this
wonderful image...

if I can reproduce -- and going to try...


lil red hen said...

My goodness, you were a busy lady today! The sunshine gives me a boost after all the ice we had. The wind is very strong today, making it a little unpleasant to be outside; jeans are flapping in the wind however.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

I always enjoy pulling into the driveway, home sweet home. Errands were done Monday and again today and that always wears me out, and I had a nice nap after lunch.

That bread with the pears inside it looks interesting.

Your apple pie sounds delicious too.

Have a good sleep tonight and a lovely day tomorrow.

Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

Balisha said...

Isn't it wonderful to come home after a time of errands? After being in the busy city...I can feel myself just let go and relax.
Enjoy your pie...the bread looks wonderful...hope you can figure it out and show a picture.

Pienosole said...

Your telling of your day brought me joy and smiles. Thank you.

Judy said...

A busy day--we of a certain age like to make our lists of what we need or where we want to stop and do it in one trip--right?I'm sure you will be able to figure out the bread--I love Pears. Spring is only 64 days away, LOL.

Cape Cod Kitty said...

Nice day Ernestine, and I am certain the compliments were well-deserved.
what fun to have Callie so excited upon your return. She is a treasure.
Please do let us know how the pear bread turns out. Looks so beautiful. Seems to me it could be complimented by ginger in some form and maybe a chocolate drizzle. I'm always up for decadence.

Laura said...

thinking of you today …just wanted to let you know. I'm glad you were out running errands. Sometimes just having the fresh air on your face in and out of the car can be nourishing.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Charlotte, Lorraine, Pienosole, Balisha, Judy, Marcia and Laura,
thank you for visiting...

Wisewebwoman said...

OOh that bread reminds me of my bastible loaf recipe from my granny that I make all the time and I use the fruit on hand. Love it.

dying to see yours when you make.

I love coming home too.


kerrdelune said...

Hope you are staying warm my friend and close to your hearth with all those lovely books. I too have thought about acquiring a Kindle, but have decided that I love holding a real book too much to do that.

sandra hagan said...

Oh good morning to you my friend.

Wonderful post and I love the pears and the unusual loaf.

Sending ((hugs)) and prayers!

Kay said...

I felt the same way about books, but I'm addicted to the Kindle now. I like being able to enlarge the fonts and borrow books from the library directly to my Kindle. It's just so convenient.