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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Busy Day

Early morning appointment with my dentist for crown that fell off.
Stopped at a local Krystal, not upscale and you may not have one in your area.
About twice a year I do this.  Two very small cheese burgers, small fry and small drink
onto car and ate driving down the road - not a good habit but wanted to arrive home
as soon as possible.  This site and one in Nashville are the only two I would order from
as they are unusually good with the steamed buns and hot hamburgers right off the grill.
My children remember Krystal's well.  When they were small this was a quick lunch
to pick up at the drive in window.   They liked them during those years and now they
laugh about this and most with their healthy diets now say Ugh.

Headed down highway to local small town to return something ordered.
Payment due for local newspaper - not much in it but the only way to know if there is
something special going on or a death of someone I have known for years.
Stopped at UPS for return and made a quick stop at a small new store on our city square.

This new shop for a Healthy lifestyle offering chair massages (but not today)  scented oils, special vitamin's
and different kinds of flavored Kale chips.  Thought of purchasing but not for $8 for such
a tiny bag.   There will be someone who comes once a week from an Amish community
who offers special Iridology analysis.   This is based on the markings in the irises of the eyes.
I know a young woman who believes strongly in this and has been on a special diet of herbs
they recommended which has healed her of cancer.

In the past I had thoughts of going through this procedure and being analyzed, but not at this time.  I believe I am on the right
track with what I am doing with supplements, research, exercise, diet,  lifestyle and meditation.
Prednisone now down to 2 1/2 mg daily from 60 and going slow as I go off and being realistic
I may have to go on it again in the future.

This has not been a good year health wise for me.   Inflammation has been horrible and then the fall 6 weeks ago.    So thankful at the moment I have some balance issues but that is all and it is
getting better.   Looking forward to a good new year that is beginning. 

Wonderful picture received from  my granddaughter in Paris and day will soon be here when
another granddaughter arrives in Thailand and will be able to visit my son.   A daughter in Kentucky at this time for a
special assignment and a very cool day and it is beginning to feel like Fall.
My middle daughter Beth, is having a difficult time getting over something that keeps her
coughing and congested.  It may just be the time of year and I know when out and about
if I hear someone coughing I run the other way....

This happened over night in my woods
and oh my
can you imagine Versailles
enough shared :)


Val said...

Paris! How lucky!

I keep seeing recipes for baked kale chips, but I haven't tried them yet.

I hope 2014 is wonderful for you health-wise and in all ways. ♥

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Val, at this time my oldest granddaughter and her future husband work very hard in N.Y.
and vaction very nicesly.
Who know what the future will bring.
Not my lifestyle of in the woods
with Miss Callie. I wondered about making Kale Chips.
Thank you for your good wishes for me. You take care...

Balisha said...

Sometimes we grasp at straws when we are starting to feel badly most of the time.We will try almost anything.
I think that you are headed down the right path with your diet, supplements,doctors, and lifestyle.

I find that I need to be with people more...when I come home after a day out...I am so uplifted.I need that conversation instead of listening to myself.

Thinking of being here in the house this winter is making me find things to do outside of my comfort zone. I think one tends to worry about oneself too much, when we are in the house a lot of the time. A walk a day is my goal...even if it's just to the corner.

Beverly said...

The trees are so pretty. I don't have enough red leaves as I would like.... I think fall is really here in the Mid South!!!!

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Balisha, totally agree with you.
Do feel better when I am around people - but want a balance of that and my alone time :)
Beverly, it has arrived...

Judi said...

I just found your blog only a couple of months ago, would you feel comfortable sharing your diet and supplements. I have embraced your lifestyle with chiropractic and massage treatments plus my own diet changes. Always open to more information. I don't have a blog so I enjoy reading others and yours I find peaceful and embracing. thnx

lil red hen said...

I'm thinking your woods must be so beautiful about now. We don't have much color yet, but the temps are lowering so it won't be long.

Fall is not my favorite time of the year, for I begin to feel sad and alone. I know I would probably feel better if I got out among people, but really have no desire to mingle.

Here's hoping next year will be better for you.

Cape Cod Kitty said...

May 2014 find you building strength and good health.....thank you so much for those beautiful photos. How nice to be surrounded by all that beauty.
There are a lot of recipes for kale chips on-line. I have not tried them but do have kale every morning in my smoothie. That is an over the top price for a bag of kale chips!

I so love stopping by for your lovely words.
Wishing you the best!!

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Charlotte, understand your words.
Marcia, thank you.
Judi, take a multi vitimin, D, C,
cranberry pill, eye vitamin, calcium, probotic, drink a small glass of kefir in the morning with protein powder.
Have yogurt and fruit most mornnings. Beginning Osteo-biflex and always take fish oil. Sharing these off the top of my head...
Prescribed a low dose blood pressure - it is always fine except if I get upset - also
Alzufidine which helps inflammation and arthritus.
I have to take prednisone about twice a year for bad flare ups
of colon problem and arthritus.
Do not like taking it but seems the only thing to nip it in the bud. Good luck... Also do yoga most mornings and in the past walked a lot. Very little meat, but mostly veggies, fruit and fish.

Judy said...

So glad you are feeling better. It does come, but it sure takes a lot longer then it use too!! Beautiful fall colors.

Judi said...

thnx for sharing.

Sharon said...

Love the colors, all the colors ~

May 2014 bear good health and all the benefits of what you are doing now to take care of yourself ~

Anonymous said...

Such gorgeous images! I appreciated your sharing in this post. I'm sorry it's been such a rough year and do hope for an easy winter for you. As to kale chips: on a couple of occasions, based on a simple recipe I got from my health food store, I simply washed and dried the kale (it much be dry), drizzled on a little olive oil, put on a bit of salt and baked at 350 or so for a short while (don't recall how long--probably a few minutes) and they were very tasty!