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Friday, September 6, 2013

This Is Their Home

As I sit on the deck with camera in hand
I spot several who claim this as their home also
Beautiful, long and alone day
Hey, but then I have the birds, creatures who come near
and these.....

In  fall, in the garden and the fields beyond, in the delicate yellow space between anything,
spiders, plump as acorns, spin their webs; they are the wildest woven things; they are
the most shimmering death traps.

What is a spider good for?  A few things surely.  Birds eat spiders, this feeding the song. 
And spiders eat insects, some of which, we know, carry disease--though not pride--
not that one.

But, speaking of that.  At dawn, the early walkers, to the spider a giant,
wanders through the garden and the fields in the meditative, and inattentive,
frame of mind of first things.
This is of course, myself.   And more then once I have not noticed the
dew-glimmering web in time, and the spider stamping her tiny feet and screeching:
I live here, duck your head....

~~Mary Oliver~~  White Pine Poems


lil red hen said...

Oh I love it!!
Just yesterday, as I was getting the hay rake ready to make the trip home, I noticed a big yellow and black spider, in her web, on the rake. I suppose she rode around the field all afternoon; I left her and brought her home.

Fantastic picture of the praying mantis!

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Charlotte, thank you
this early morning :)
Yesterday a tree frog in my pickup
and it went under the seat and could not find.
Hope it lives :)

Balisha said...

That praying mantis looks like he is strutting across the railing.
Mary Oliver...always a favorite.
Have a nice weekend.

Sharon said...

Thank you for the poem. I don't mind spiders and am grateful that they eat other bugs.

the wild magnolia said...

loved this post.

what a cute little praying mantis.

and the shimmer spider. shimmered.

i notice these tiny littles too.