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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

So Early

Up earlier then usual
to let Callie out,
 thought I would sit and pray and meditate
and here I am on the computer.

When I am getting up
it is evening in Bangkok on another day
where my son is on his computer
sending me a few images.

I always think of his surroundings being more rural
and so wrong I am about Bangkok

First time I have seen the building where he teaches Yoga
Always smile as he shares of life in a far away land.
As I continue to heal
there are so many thoughts that go through my mind.
Much it is wise not to share or write about.

Level of care in this smaller town is not like I have had in the past.
As you age and other lifestyles surface
much is different from the past and a lot is new territory

Much I take for granted will happen
does not.  Some say they will do something
that never happens.

In my past years
I would challenge
be more vocal
these traits are disappearing
and think it is best at this time.

I think it is wise for me to lower my expectations and then you
are not disappointed.  Trying to take much
in life at this time not so seriously
and it is a challenge for this one.

Life continues surrounded by nature and
focusing on healing and trying to make decisions
of what is best for me
and in all honesty
I have no answer at this time.


Nancy said...

Please accept an early morning hug as you contine to heal and contemplate your life. One thing I have discovered is that "things always do work out".

lil red hen said...

Also sending hugs this morning before leaving the house for farm work.

Cape Cod Kitty said...

Many lovely thoughts for you this day, Ernestine. I, too, have come to learn to not plan my life out as I want it, because there are, most certainly, other things in store, and I really needed to let go of the reins, as I was making myself too stressed. It is such a relief, and I feel years younger now and much more able to handle my day to day life.
You are so wise to meditate and lower your expectations, too.
Have a wonderful day!

Tabor said...

I love the way you are always in the moment!I have visited Bangkok and is crazy noisy. I do think that lowering expectations works with loved ones and other people...but not our medical care. Please take a "friend" with you next time to be an advocate and make sure all the information is made available.

Lonely Rivers said...

Being self sufficient and independent does not always mean "going it alone" or doing it all yourself. Thanking you for sharing your thoughts on these issues we all face as time goes on. Your courage and determination are an inspiration.

mel said...

Don't rush a decision. Meditate. Be mindful. And still. You will know.

Aisling said...

Been so busy canning and preserving that my on-line time has been limited. Will be that way for a few weeks still, but wanted to check in on you. Sending love and good energy! Will check back soon.

Pienosole said...

I'm thinking of you and sending you wishes for peace and insight into what will be the right decision for you.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Nancy, Charlotte, Marcia, Tabor, LR, Aisling, Mel and Pienosole
thank you for your special thoughts.
Will share on a new entry...