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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Woodhaven Update

It has been a good day. First to my special miracle worker with my hair. I needed nothing but a good haircut. I ask "what is wrong with my haircut? I love using my little scissors and I guess my hair looked like I had been chopping on my hair for several weeks. My girl just smiled.
She is the best and I think of her like a daughter.

Then on to the country. Oh my I had forgotten that the temperature is always colder and the wind really blows over the fields. I did not bring my warm coat and it was cold. I thought Spring had arrived. I did not stay long. Pleased with Hardy board look. From the road it almost looks grey. Then coming down the drive it takes on the brown cast and when the sun shines on it light green seems to show up. Anyway I wanted something to blend with the woods and I think I have it. The drywall will be finished this week and the trim work will begin.

I headed back to the city and ate my packed lunch driving down the road. Was to chilly to sit under a tree in the country. I stopped at several nurseries on the way home. Comparing prices for what I want to plant next week. I want to plant about 5 trees or more around the house and some evergreens so the house looks like it is sitting surrounded by woods. I am so excited about the beginning of the landscaping. I am never happier then when I am working with dirt - and One Woman has good dirt to work with.

So I am not going to post anymore pictures of a not finished house sitting at the edge of the woods and behind what will soon be a soybean field. It looks so bare and almost undressed sitting there and not like I visualize it. I will post as my gardens develop and hopefully I will have pictures of some wildlife that must be hiding with all the activity going on.
But anyone reading my rambling has an idea of what I am doing. I can visualize it all completed and where you can hardly see it from the road. Roses on my picket fence and everyone envying my gardens. See what an imagination I have. But look at what I did with a city garden in a very short time.

Hoping in about 3 weeks I can take enough to this home that I can be there part time until this city home sells. My heart is in the country. Guess anyone that reads my entries knows that by now.

Some sharing from One Woman before she turns in


Beverly said...

it won't be long...

One Woman's Journey said...

Yes, my dear friend - it is moving along at a good pace. Thanks for visiting me.

Sarah Lulu said...

I love your new home so much.

Deborah Carr said...

Your home looks lovely...oh please post more pictures...perhaps inside?

You are so connected to this process...and the workers... You're building a nest, lovingly selecting each twig, feather, piece of moss.

What will find new life here?

One Woman's Journey said...

Deborah - thank you!!