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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Friday and Weary

Hope what is going on in this image never happens at my country home!!!!Two days driving to the country with so many details to take care of has left this One Woman exhausted. Yesterday morning I met my brother inlaw for breakfast on the way to the country. He was visiting from Michigan.
My sister passed away last September and my heart goes out to him. His soul mate of 55 years no longer with him.
Thou I am weary I smile because nothing could be going any better.
The traffic on the road yesterday and today was really bad. But I am glad I was not on the interstate. Probably because of Easter weekend and a lot people not working and schools out.
So good to be home. I will be in the city for the next three days. Grocery shopping and preparing dinner and baking for two youngest children and grandchildren on Easter Sunday for lunch. My middle daughter Beth is on the way to visit my granddaughter Sarah in Illinois. Two other grandchildren are on the way to Florida for some sort of fraternity function. One family in Florida and another in Michigan. So safe travel wishes to all on the highway.
So it seems like One Woman's family is all over the place.
So - city cottage I will be around for the next few days.

Happy Easter to All. Blessings sent your way.

Entry by One Woman on a late Friday afternoon


Eileen said...

Sounds like you are related to a social club! I imagine that getting together requires more effort as each gets older and involved in their own activities.

Beverly said...

Happy Easter to you. I have a work Easter Egg Hunt tomorrow for my kids.However I got sick to day and may not make it.
Your country home sounds wonderful.

One Woman's Journey said...

Eileen, thank you for your comment. You are right. I am not a member - just related. I sometimes think I am boring. Tell me about yourself. Beverly Please get Well.