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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

One Year City Garden

Can I do this again - I think so - I may just be dreaming. But then I believe in miracles.



Your new home is lovely! You have put so much thought and love into the details! And, your readers have so enjoyed "thinking" along with you!

One Woman's Journey said...

Lonely Rivers - thank you. I just changed the title. This was a one year garden. This will be the second Spring - and hopefully I am not here long.

Jan said...

I wish you the best in creating a lovely new nest for yourself. Especially a garden! I so look forward to getting back to my perennial garden. I purchased many new plants last fall, put them in everywhere, and now I hardly recall what will come up. If they do, that will be my miracle, as I am not a gifted gardener, but do enjoy the process. Believe, breathe, and be well!

One Woman's Journey said...

Jan, thank you for your kind words.
This is really an experience. I thought I had landed in the city and it would be the last home and garden I would create. God is Good

Anne said...

Your new home is really shaping up, exciting to think you can move in very shortly. I like your city garden too, very relaxing just to look at it, although I imagine a lot of work went into creating it.