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Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I said that as I wrote my journal I would not write about politics or religion.
But there is no way I cannot write about my faith and
there is no way that I cannot make an entry on what I witnessed last night. I enter this for my children and especially for my grandchildren. It comes to mind and makes me smile that my older grandchildren who are in college are commenting "grandma I am getting to know you in a way that I did not know you - because of what you write and share".

I thank God for what I witnessed last night.
I thank him for allowing me to witness this historic moment.
I do not have the words to describe the emotion that I feel. I have wept in a way that I thought I could not weep anymore. Tears of thankfulness and tears of joy.
I feel such a pride and love for this young man that is going to lead our country.
I am so thankful.
Our world has hope.
I felt deep in my heart that he would win. If I had been wrong I think I would have lost much hope and wept a different kind of tears.
Obama has my continual prayers for his wisdom and safety. Oh what a monumental job he has ahead of him. So my children please pray for him. I have never asked you to pray for a leader before.

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Tabor said...

I also had tears in my eyes and still do this morning when I see that smile on his face. He has a big job and he has asked for our help.

earth heart said...

I agree, our world has hope now. I felt Obama would win as well and could not imagine the despair I might feel had it been otherwise. Yes, we do well to bless and pray for him, our nation and the future.

Darlene said...

We must follow Obama's example and remain calm and strong. We must also keep alert and write about any injustice we may encounter.

Grammie said...

I loved your post today...I had similar thoughts as I wrote a letter to my grandbabies on my blog this morning.

We can do it....together.

lilalia said...

It is, as Mr. Obama says, a start of an opportunity. Now we, the elders, who have perhaps been negligent in the past, to speak out about politics and social justice with our children and grandchildren, can learn to speak clear. How marvelous that your grandchildren have this opportunity to know you in another light. What a great day this has been for everyone!

Nan said...

Blessed words.

Beverly said...

I too have never commented on politics. However, I did today. I believe our country will have hope. I too am glad we have a man who will be the President of ALL the people.

Judy said...

Hi Ernestine, I stayed up most of the night watching everything on t.v. I, too, have such a sense of hope for our country and our children and grandchildren. I was so hopeful that he would win. What a historic moment we were lucky enough to witness!

Aisling said...

I felt the same, Ernestine, and wept tears of hope as well. What a meaningful post.