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Sunday, February 3, 2019

Update On My Mom

A spring picture from one of my mom's beautiful gardens.

Hello everyone! This is Ernestine's youngest, daughter, Jamie. I wanted to update you and let you know she is OK, however she has been through quite a frightening ordeal and is at a rehabilitation center in Nashville close to my sister and I.

She did have oral surgery on the 18th. She was not feeling well at all that weekend and a neighbor checked on her very early in the morning that Sunday the 20th. A nurse also checked in on her that morning. My sister went up that Sunday afternoon and my mother's heart rate was alarmingly low and her blood pressure was dangerously high.

I'm sure she will fill you all in on everything but she ended up having pacemaker surgery here in Nashville. She's in rehab now and it is getting stronger every day although I know she is very ready to get back home. She has a follow up appointment with her surgeon this Wednesday.

I know she is starting to feel better because she has asked me to please update her blog!

Thank you so much for your friendship to her. She enjoys checking in with everyone so much and sharing her photography. Many thanks again!



PatK said...

Thank you so much for letting us know what had happened to your mother. We all worry when we don't hear from her for a while. She is such an inspiration for those of us sharing her journey. I hope that she is soon back in her lovely cottage. Please give her a gentle hug from me.

Nan said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Jamie. I am so thankful she is feeling better. She is much cared about in this blogging world.

Bobbie said...

Thank you so much for the update. Everytime I have not seen a post for awhile I worry a bit. Hope she gets stronger every day. Bobbie DeWitt

Elsa Louise said...

I will keep your dear mother in my thoughts and close to my heart. She is such a delightful soul. Sending wishes for her speedy recovery, Jamie.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Dear Jaimie ~ Thank you for this update on your dear Mom. She inspires me so much with her positive attitude, her grit and determination. I will keep her in my prayers.

May she soon be back home to her sweet cottage at the edge of the woods.


Pienosole said...

Thank you, Jamie! I continue to send her peaceful and healing thoughts and wishes.
Hugs to you all.

Tabor said...

Thank you! Thank you! We have all fallen in love with her spirit and her spirituality. WE miss her and you are a wonderful daughter to share this. Tell her spring is around the corner.

Nancy said...

I check the blog every couple days. Appreciate the health update. Your mom has quite a following of those that truly care. I send a hug!

Rebecca said...

I've been wondering! Thanks for the update. I can only imagine how taxing this is on her and you, her family, who care for her. As you see, she has quite a fan base! ❤️

kerrdelune said...

Thank you so much for telling us, and please tell her she is in our thoughts and prayers.

Judi said...

thank you for updating us on your mom. I checked every day and was concerned about her health. I don't comment too often but I so enjoy her every day journey. She is an inspiration to me and others, I know. Tell her "Hi" and I know she will be back at her cottage in the woods with her gardens this Spring. Wishing her a speedy recovery.

Ruth's Waterview said...

Thank you so much for the update, Jamie! Hope and pray that Ernestine will heal and recover soon. Looking forward to reading more of her inspiring blogs and enjoying her lovely photos! Sending loving thoughts! Ruth M

Carolyn Marie said...

Thank you Jamie for letting us know how Ernestine is doing. I know that I am not the only reader that checks daily and hopes for a sign of her. I'm am glad to hear that after another crisis, she has pulled through. I have thought of her daily and wished for her wellness. please give her a hug.

Wisewebwoman said...

Thank you Jamie for the update. Give me love and a big hug to your mum. She is a wonderful lady and her writing and bravery so very inspiring.

She has been through so much is such a very short time and all good healing thoughts go her way and yours too!

Big hugs.


Marcia Morse said...

Dear Jamie,
Thank you so much for keeping us posted about your dear Mom. She has been so special to me for many years. I am so sorry to hear of her latest challenge, and am happy to know she is making progress.

Much love to dear Ernestine.

Marcia Morse

Sallysmom said...

Thank you so much for updating us on your Mom. Please give her my best wishes for a speedy recovery.

RITA LOEHR said...

Thanks so much for the update, have felt something was going on. Looking forward to your return to the blog world Ernestine, enjoy your thoughts and words so much. Prayers to you for continued healing.

susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

Thank you for the update. I've been checking by here to see if your Mom had posted anything. I hope she will be feeling better soon and able to return home. I'm sending healing thoughts her way.

Judy said...

Thank you so much for the update.
I was so worried about that darn surgery!!!
We love our Ernestine so much.

Beverly said...

Thank you for the update. I was worried when I checked in and didn't see any posts. She is one strong lady and I hope she is home soon..

Sue said...

Thanks for the update Jamie! Wishing the best for Ernestine and that she'll be able to come home soon.

Bluebird49 said...

I wondered what was up! She sounded really low, but I know she is not happy at the rehab place, poor thing! She has tried so very hard to maintain her place out in the woods! Getting old is not for sissies. 😪

Sheila said...

Oh, Jamie, thank you so much for updating us. I'm so sorry to hear that your mom has had this latest health problem, but also good that she is recovering and will be home soon. I've been checking in every day and have been concerned for her. Please tell her hello and give her our good wishes.


Librarygal said...

Thanks so much for the update on your Mom Jamie. I have been checking and worried that she was not posting. She is an inspiration with her attempt to maintain her life at home with grace as she ages. Wishing her a speedy recovery and a return to her home and garden.

Judy said...

Jamie--wondering how our Dear Friend is doing?

Joared said...

Appreciate the update. Glad your Mom is getting better and the pacemaker will benefit. Sending her get well wishes and look forward to her return to blogging when she feels up to it.

kerrdelune said...

Jamie, how is your mum doing? Is she home?

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