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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

She Had Good Taste

I have lived in rural homes
most of my lifetime.
Well aware that in the Spring a mouse will sometimes get into the house
and build a nest.

Sunday dinner
and in the oven drawer a number of times.
All was tidy.

Returning from errands yesterday  I saw shredded
tissue paper on the floor of my closet.
Very aware of what this meant, a mouse was making her nest.

Looked everywhere, even the oven drawer and there it was
a beautiful nest.   There was a circle of two of my vintage
pot holders.  Beautiful pot holders I used for special occasions.
It was filled with nice soft material and paper.

Destroyed the nest and put out a trap and soon I had captured the mouse.

This morning I decided to take all of  winter sweaters in my closet
 which had been
carefully wrapped in tissue paper and put them in clear plastic boxes.

Have never had this happen before.
As I took the sweaters down and refolded there were 3 that had been
chewed badly.

Good thing
these were 3 sweaters that were mine for many years.   They were beautiful
but I had not worn for several years. .   So into the trash they went.

So thankful that none of my vintage cashmere sweaters or nice cardigans
had been touched.

I rarely buy sweaters anymore as they are not as good a quality as in years past
and I have a nice collection.

This is a first time experience for me.

I know how she came into my home
as I sometimes leave door to porch or garage open a short time.
Will be more careful...

Memories surface of the 3 different times  a snake was found in
the old farm house.  Once on the kitchen floor, in my bedroom and
another time in the cellar.

Now you know that unnerved this former city girl..


judemiller1 said...

You killed a Momma mouse that about to give birth? Shame--but a really good idea because then you would have had many little mouseies running around and chewing and leaving their "sign" all over the silverware drawers, oven drawer and........

I had a snake ONCE in my house and it was promptly dispatched by my well struck shovel to it's head! I also had a bird loose in the house, came down the bathroom vent--imagine my surprise when I lifted the toilet seat and he was in there taking a bath. Also a bat a time or two. Ah--living in the country, such fun, LOL

lil red hen said...

This was a sweet story, and indeed, she did have good taste. If you have time you might enjoy a story I wrote for a post on 4-19-12about a mouse, after we had sorted through a great aunt's things after her death.

We rarely see mice here on the farm; ten cats take care of them around the barns and chicken houses.

Mary @ Colony Mountain Folk Art Dolls said...

It doesn't take long for one of these little critters to slip in. I agree wih lil red hen that this little mouse did have good taste. So glad she didn't chew one of your fine sweaters.

mel said...

Ugh. I so dislike any critters in the house. A mouse seems to come here once a year. When we first moved in, we had bats - now that was a terror for me. One morning I came downstairs and there was one in the kitchen sink - good grief! Money very well spent to take care of that problem!

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Judy, Charlotte, Mary and Mel,
thanks for visiting :)

Balisha said...

We had some little mice in our basement one winter. Not knowing what was going on downstairs... we discovered , in spring, that the little creatures had been in a cardboard box....chewing up my Goose's (the one that sits on my front porch) clothes. Perfect little nests were found among the tattered clothes.
That experience made me buy plastic bins and we set mouse traps early in the fall. This year we haven't had any little visitors...yet.

Cape Cod Kitty said...

The Country Mouse! I think we all can relate. I get them once in awhile, too. She sure did have nice taste but I'm glad your good sweaters are intact.
I've had frogs under the bed and snakes in the past (not where I live now). I believe they were brought in by the cat who had free run to go in and out. That ended quickly after the snake episode!

Wisewebwoman said...

My fave house-mouse was Beethoven, yes I gave him a name. He lived in the piano and would run across the keys at night, driving us mental.

My dog caught him and lined his corpse up with the rest of her toys so that we didn't notice him (she had a lot of grey toys) until he started to smell.

Most undignified for a guy of Ludwig's stature.


Beverly said...

My stray cat (that I loved) has disappeared....and tonight I heard scratches in the wall!!! Makes me so upset!!!!

Beverly said...

Oh, I loved your comment on my blog!!! Never met you, but, I love you!!! You always get me to moving....I will think of something to write about....

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Beverly, we have met :) I feel so connected with you for 5 years and feel like I know you well.
Take care...