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Monday, April 15, 2013

Monday's Spring

A short walk at the edge of woods.

My first butterfly
and while sitting on deck
one landed on my knee.
Hopefully that is a good luck sign
for all that is going on with my
health at the present time.
Blood work results due end of week.

The one who has been with me before
I was born and continued with me
through the years
please be with me now.......


the wild magnolia said...

Sending prayers for good news and peace for the journey.


Lovely Monday Spring photos.

Tabor said...

Sending all my wishes for good health. Perhaps the butterfly knew you needed a little cheer-up! Somewhere,someone is always watching.

Sky said...

thinking of you and wishing you peace of mind and body. waiting on test results can provoke lots of anxiety.

Balisha said...

I'm praying for good test results..Have a beautiful day today.

Cape Cod Kitty said...

Many healing thoughts are coming your way, always.
Thanks for bringing Spring to us in the still pretty cool northeast!

Anonymous said...

Ernestine, What beautiful pictures. I am thinking about you, seeing you as healthy and strong, and hoping many more butterflies come rest on your knee!