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Sunday, May 1, 2011

May lst at Woodhaven

Rain all night
part of day
mud everywhere - but
look what is blooming
also red and yellow roses
but could not get a good image
My visitor still not caught
Was informed if it is a groundhog
the animal control people will take it
But if it is a raccoon
it is a protected species and
have to turn it loose on my property
If it is indeed a raccoon and I could
communicate with it
I would make it a home somewhere
other then under my heat and air
concrete slab...


Tabor said...

Good luck with your animals. Our osprey are back at our boat now that they were kicked off the other boat and the do not have a nest so they will lose their young!

the wild magnolia said...

Beauty flowers!

Hope you catch the visitor!


judemiller1 said...

Probably a wood chuck (ground hog)--they love to dig and crawl under things where they can hide. I have one under my shed who like to gnaw holes in the shed's wooden floor. I put a piece of tin over the hole, so he moves over a bit and makes a new hole. Pretty soon the whole floor of the shed will be tin. LOL

Beverly said...

The flowers look pretty, in spite of all the rain...they do not look water soaked...
Hope the critter leaves soon...

One Woman's Journey said...

Tabor, Sandra, Judy and Beverly,
thanks for visiting...

Sky said...

nice shots. hope you find out soon who is living there with you!