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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sax Meditations by Walter Beasley

Anne, the marketing person, wrote me to see if I would listen to this relaxing music and write a review on "Sax Meditations" by Walter Beasley.

Walter Beasley is a famous contemporary jazz artist. Since 1998, he has been one of the ten highest selling sax men in the world while continuing his highly influential work as a full professor of music at his alma mater, The Berklee School of Music, where he began teaching the the mid-80s. In 2007, Beasley - also the highest selling full-time teacher ever-celebrated his 20th year as a best selling artist.

I like what is shared on the inside cover of the CD.

"There has never been a project in which I have been involved that has given me so much satisfaction and comfort. My intent was to make a project that from start to finish reduces stress and stimulates imagination."

The evening of the day it was received it was put on my Bose player. One Woman found the music very relaxing and peaceful. A new sound was introduced to her.

Send me a brief comment or just your name - I will draw a name in a week and have the winner sent a copy of "Sax Meditations."


Cape Cod Kitty said...

Thank you, Ernestine, I'd love the chance to receive a copy. Anything which can bring peace is most welcome.
I'm just back from a trip and checked out your site to see how you and TN are faring in the rains. So sorry to hear about all the flooding in Nashville.
Hugs to you and Callie.

Sky said...

WOW - sax is my fav. we both love it. please add my name. will love checking out an artist i am not familiar with. do you know gato barbieri? if not, check him out.

it has been so very scary seeing the TN flooding coverage. i think about you and hope you continue to be safe and dry.

Tabor said...

Intriguing as I have not heard of this music. I also hope that the waters have drained from your woods. We are getting no rain here and I am beginning to fear drought.

One Woman's Journey said...

Marcia, Sky and Tabor - your name in the drawing. The beautiful sun is shining.

Janice said...

Ernestine, please add my name as I would love a chance to receive this sax music. I am not familiar with this artist. However, I live in the area where Boots Randolph was raised, and love his music.

mermaid said...

Oh, I like Walter Beasley's intention in creating the album. I can hear the music just from your words!

One Woman's Journey said...

Janice and Mermaid, thank you for checking in and your name is in the bowl. Janice-are you my cousin Janice. Could not get through to email??

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

I'd love a chance to win this. We enjoy this kind of music on Sunday mornings!

Amy said...

That sounds lovely! Anything to calm the chaos of 3 boys!