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Friday, September 29, 2017


At this time need rain.  Sad my helper is leaving for a 2 week vacation, but happy for him he needs it.
Will miss his morning a week  with me and times I need a driver.   Pantry, freezer full and not planning on going anywhere.

Lately have wanted a cross to hang my old bed post, found it at a special shop for $12
Cindy, thank you...
Looking through old pictures came across a favorite of two of the older grand children as toddlers.
Can remember in times of great sadness in years past that I would put this on my night stand and
looking at their smiling, innocent faces their grandma felt better in a minute.  This picture still makes
me smile and warms my heart.  Jessica a teacher in N.Y. and expecting soon and my Gavin works in
Washington D.C.

Walking and balance continues terrible.   Do all I know to do and cannot seem to accept as I am told
constantly to do.

Some passages I wrote down in my special small book.

"intuition is the whisper of the soul"

"sometimes those who fly solo have the strongest wings"

"lessons in life will be repeated if they are not learned"

and "conflicts cannot survive without participation"  Wayne Dyer.


Rebecca said...

All good quotes.....
Precious photo.
Curious about your "cross" and its significance for you. Certainly a beautiful one!
We visited the remote Quiet Corners Tea and Coffee Room. Came home with a free CD featuring the original ballads sung by the owner. Quiet, simple songs. Many re. The Cross...

Wisewebwoman said...

Lovely cross. We find joy in the small wee things now. Tiny achievements. Everything large seems like such an effort and too much energy.


My Journey To Mindfulness said...

Rebecca, WWW, the cross makes me feel loved, protected, I am understood and not judged
and many of my prayers now are for wisdom and acceptance for this time of life.....

Pienosole said...

Good morning. We've had a little rain overnight and will continue a bit today. Much needed. Sending positive thoughts and big hugs your way. :-)

Judy said...

We lack rain here too. It makes me worry that my flowering spring bushes will not have enough water stored up to bloom very well. Loneliness is constantly nibbling at the edges of my mind. I love the Cross on your bed post. I would find myself caressing it every night as I lay down to sleep.

My Journey To Mindfulness said...

Pienosole, blessings sent your way.
Judy, I had the thought for a long time and never saw one. Just $12 in a small shop and I liked it and wanted to see if it would hang there, with some tape it did:) Yes, living solo and they have their lives and will not understand until they are our age is what I tell mine.
So much a part of aging and we have to accept and it is difficult to do but we can do it !!

Marcie said...

I hope you get your much needed autumn rain soon. We received a downpour Thursday night. Was much needed here too. Flowers are revived for a little while longer.

Love your photos. They attest to the beauty of quiet moments, especially the smiling toddler faces. Who else can live in the moment as well as a toddler?

My Journey To Mindfulness said...

we have commented to each other for years
Love you and proud you...