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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Today and a New Friend

Early morning yogurt and fruit and was going to make Cabbage soup.
Plans changed, absolutely beautiful outside so I decided to see if I could drive to market solo.
Need to walk and the only place now except in the house is at the market holding on to the
cart and I walk through the store many times.

Took off with 3 large bags of trash hoping nice man was there to unload for me as I cannot reach
the high dumpster at this time  He was not there but thought I will try and immediately
person behind me stepped up and said let me do that.   Seems like with this cane a lot of help
is offered and I am ever thankful.

Headed home and will little by little bring groceries up the stairs into the pantry.  I never gave a
thought to these steps when building 8 years ago.   I can handle with 2 banister now installed
and going slow.

Too late to begin making my soup so in one pan sauteing mushrooms and broccoli, in another
a slice of bacon and then putting all together with egg poured over and topped with cheese.
Very tasty and the best part was sitting on the deck in the sunshine in this 70 degree temperature
on a January 2l, 2017 day.   Unusual and much colder weather expected end of the week.

Family has urged me to get this new friend and I have refused as always have phone in my
pocket.   After having another fall and seems one bad fall a year for 3 years now so thankful
never have broken a bone.

I decided to order what is hanging around my neck.  At night while this is charging have a
bracelet I wear and this unit is not for just the home but anywhere I go in U.S.
Of course I do not go anywhere but local but was a nice extra.
I really feel quite comfortable wearing it and safe.   Every now and then the operator
will come on and say "are you having a good day, what's the weather like there"  I smile
and feel like I have a constant companion :)


Marcie said...

How lovely to eat outdoors in January! Glad you now have your "constant companion" around your neck.:)

Pienosole said...

I enjoyed hearing about your day. It sounds like 'your new friend' gives real peace of mind. Happy Sunday to you!

Unknown said...

Such a lovely day for you. Happy that you wrote about your new "friend" as a close friend of mine has just asked me to find out about such an alarm for her. Could you tell me what brand it is and, if you don't mind, how much it costs per month? I have no idea where to start.

Happy you got to the store and so many nice helpers came along!!
The best to you always....

Mitzi said...

You seem to be doing so well.I am happy for you. Here in Michigan it was nearly 60 today.Unheard of in January. Discovered I have hyacinths poking through. Hope they will survive the cold that is returning later in the week.

Tabor said...

Glad you have your technical companion. It is a very important tool for you! Maybe you should considered having a ramp installed over the stairs. While it may not be a stylish architectural feature it would allow you to continue to bring in your food with a much safer trip.

My Journey To Mindfulness said...

thanks to all for comments, and rereading realize I sent the alarm information to Marcie :) Tabor feel more comfortable with stairs and something to hold onto
as I go up stairs.

My Journey To Mindfulness said...

Marcia, do not understand how to log onto where you write and no address.
what I am using is Medical Care Alert. Cost comes to just a little under $500 per year and you pay once a year, also if you discontinue a total refund of months
not used. You can email me if you like...

PatK said...

I am glad you have your 'new friend'. It made my mother-in-law feel more secure so she enjoyed life more. As usual you meal looks delicious. If you make your cabbage soup please share the recipe. The idea of it is very attractive to me.

Judy said...

OOOOH--I might like that new "friend" just for the occasional conversation it emits. :-) Is it a "real" person that can hear you and respond?

Joared said...

You're new "friend" sounds just like what you need. I second the idea of a possible ramp, rather than stairs. I had planned to put a ramp in for my mother. Also, though only a small step here at my home, I had that eliminated some years ago in anticipatiion of a need to do so in the future for my husband. May benefit me in my future these many years later.

Wisewebwoman said...

I like your new friend. You must feel safer now.

Love your recipes, I have to try that peach pie one it will be a big hit here in winter.