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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

This Time A Gift - Thanksgiving 2011

This is my post one year ago.   The same words true this morning and it almost seems  like time stands still.   Menu the same except just pumpkin pie and
 adding my little girl's favorite lemon ice box pie.

A busy day ahead.....

Solitude and aloneness
will wait
Personal needs
Outside and inside grooming

Doing all that can be prepared ahead
Turkey thawing
Corn bread for dressing and veggies chopped
Ready for oven, butternut squash and brussel sprouts
Little one remembered a mention of apple dumplings
Commented "grandma, I've never tasted dumplings"
So - another desert will be on the sideboard
Along with pumpkin and pecan pie
From a summer garden, corn and green beans,
potatoes and gravy
Added touch cranberry sauce and relish tray
Fresh fruit and rolls
Ice tea, coffee
Special drink for the little girls

Not being served - oyster casserole
Her son's favorite

Big table will not be full - like in the past
But they are remembered in other states
And - across the ocean

The little one's always notice the table
Special dishes, glasses, gleaming silverware,
candles glowing.
A special prayer


Dinner finished
some will look at her books and old pictures
some will rest
paths in the woods with Miss Callie
may call
a time to just be

When the last car leaves the woods ...
One Woman has her memories
happiness and sadness
for present and past.

"The only reason for time is so that
everything does not happen at once"

~Albert Einstein~


southernlady64 said...

Your table is beautiful and your menu sounds wonderful. I like the moon photos below, too. Have a great Thanksgiving with your family.

Tabor said...

It sound like a wonderful holiday for you. YOu are cooking a bunch!!

One Woman's Journey said...

Judy, thanks for visiting.
Tabor, seems I do not know how to cook a little. Always fear someone might come unexpectedly and there not be enough food.
I will have plenty to eat for several days :)

One Woman's Journey said...

Turning computer off - might add that the reason I have so many veggies - is my granddaughter Sarah visiting from New York. That is all she will eat:)

Beverly said...

Happy Thanksgiving dear friend....

Kathleen said...

Beautiful tablescape and sentiment. I know just how you feel. Thank you for your kind comment on Laura's blog. I am enjoying visiting with you and getting to know you. Seems we have lots in common. Happy Thanksgiving!

Balisha said...

Blessings to you and your family this Thanksgiving. Balisha

One Woman's Journey said...

Beverly, Kathleen and Balisha - thank you for visiting - sending you blessings !!

the wild magnolia said...

Tremendous! You are on a roll and I am loving it!

I'll still be out of pocket for a few days! A little setback...

So happy to meet another Southern girl!

Blessings on your journey!

One Woman's Journey said...

Sandra, thank you - stay well and at peace...

judemiller1 said...

What a lovely day for you.

Elle said...

BEautiful table! Have a wonderfull hollyday! Bless.

shannon said...

Sounds very much like my day:)
Three of the four children and families, sad for the son that cannot make it:(
But, sooooo thankful for the ones that do!

Blessings of health and Thanksgiving to you:)


madwomandancing said...

Warm wishes to you for a Happy Thanksgiving, Dear Lady of the Woods.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Judy,Elle, Shannon and Ellen,
thanks for visiting this Thanksgiving 20ll.